Chronological Table

1873 Kihachiro Okura established Okura Gumi Shokai
Ginza Brick Street restoration project
1882 Arc lamps lit in front of Okura Gumi Shokai in Ginza
1883 Rokumeikan (facility for entertaining state visitors or foreign diplomats)
1887 Establishment of Nippon Doboku Co., Ltd. (the first corporation in the construction industry)
Establishment of Osaka Office (later, Osaka Branch, currently Kansai Branch)
1890 Lake Biwa Lock and Tunnel (Kyoto-fu and Shiga Prefecture)
(water tunnel to deliver water from Lake Biwa to Kyoto)
1893 Kihachiro Okura established Okura Doboku Gumi
1911 Kabushiki Gaisha Okura Gumi Civil Engineering Department launched
1915 Okura Gumi main building
1917 Establishment of Kabushiki Gaisha Okura Doboku Gumi (first kabushiki gaisha (stock-type company) in the construction industry)
1920 Name change to Nihon Doboku Kabushiki Gaisha
1923 New Imperial Hotel (designed by F.L. Wright)
1924 Name change to Okura Doboku Kabushiki Gaisha
Yokohama Office opened (currently Yokohama Branch)
1927 Underground Railway Tokyo(Ginza line's original enterprise) [Ueno - Asakusa segment] (first metro in the Orient)
1928 Death of Kihachiro Okura (age 90)
1929 Sapporo Office opened (currently Sapporo Branch)
1931 Nagoya Office opened (currently Nagoya Branch)
Okura Schanze (Hokkaido)
1933 Kyushu Office opened (later Fukuoka Branch, currently Kyushu Branch)
1945 Susumu Onishi appointed President
1946 Name change to Taisei Corporation
Sendai (currently Tohoku Branch), Hiroshima (currently Chugoku Branch), Niigata (currently Hoku Shinetsu Branch), Takamatsu (currently Shikoku Branch) offices name change to Branch
1947 Election of President Takeo Fujita and Directors by employee voting
1949 Employee stock system established, thereby becoming a non-family corporation
1956 Listing of shares on Tokyo Stock Exchange
1957 Kazue Kato appointed President
Listing of shares on Tokyo Stock Exchange (first in the construction industry)
1958 Completion of Ginza Taisei Building, headquarters moved

The former National Stadium (Tokyo)

1960 Establishment of Research Institute in Toyosu
Tokuji Mizushima appointed President
1963 Tokyo Branch opened
Kahei Honma appointed President
1964 Mt. Fuji Summit Radar Site (Shizuoka Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture) (For meteorological observation)
1969 Koji Minami appointed President
1973 Centenary (commemorative event held)
1975 Hideo Sugasawa appointed President
1979 Shinjuku Center Building completed, headquarters moved
Hajime Sako appointed President
Research Institute moved to Totsuka, Yokohama
1985 Yasuo Satomi appointed President
1987 Seikan Tunnel [Yoshioka section]
(world's longest undersea tunnel)
1991 Tokyo Metropolitan Government No.1 Bldg
1993 Hyozo Yamamoto appointed President
Chiba Branch, Kanto Branch, Kobe Branch opened
1997 Osamu Hirashima appointed President
2000 Kyoto Branch opened
2001 Kanji Hayama appointed President
2007 Takashi Yamauchi appointed President
2013 140th anniversary of founding (commemorative exhibition "Passing the Baton to the Future" held)
2015 Yoshiyuki Murata appointed President

Japan National Stadium (Tokyo)


Yoshiro Aikawa appointed President