Business Overview

  1. 1The trade or business of planning, surveying, designing, supervising, construction and installation, engineering, management and consulting relating to building works, civil engineering works, plant installation works and other construction works of all kinds;
  2. 2The trade or business of regional development, urban development, ocean development, aerospace development, resources development, energy supply, emissions trading and development of infrastructure, and investigation, planning, designing, supervising, engineering, management and consulting therefor;
  3. 3The trade or business of planning, designing, supervising, construction and installation, holding, lease, transfer, maintenance, management and operation of roads, railways, harbors, airports, river facilities, water supplies and sewerage, government buildings, waste disposal facilities, parking and other public facilities as well as other similar facilities, etc.;
  4. 4The trade or business of holding, leasing, maintenance and management of hotels, sports facilities, recreational facilities, commercial facilities such as shops and restaurants, etc., offices, medical facilities, and educational and cultural facilities;
  5. 5The trade or business of soil cleanup, environmental conservation such as water cleanup of river, lake and harbor, collection, transportation, arrangement, disposal and reuse of wastes and construction by-products as well as investigation, planning, designing, supervising, construction, management, and consulting therefor;
  6. 6The trade or business of manufacture, procurement, sale, lease and repair of plant, tools and materials for construction, and of brokerage and agency therefor;
  7. 7The trade or business concerning examination, evaluation, security, and protection of buildings, infrastructure and civil engineering structures;
  8. 8The trade or business of purchase, sale, lease, brokerage, maintenance, management, appraisal of real property and consulting therefor as well as management and consulting related to investment in real property;
  9. 9The trade or business of, investment in real-property-related SPCs and real-estate investment trust funds and sales and purchases of the equity interest therein, sales and purchases of, intermediary or agency services for sales and purchases of, and handling of private placement of beneficial interest in trust, and the real-estate specified joint enterprise ("Fudosan-Tokutei- Kyodo-Jigyo");
  10. 10The trade or business of designing, supervising, construction and sale of houses;
  11. 11The trade or business of acquiring, licensing and sale of industrial property rights, copyrights, know-how, etc.;
  12. 12The trade or business of information processing using computers, and of development, licensing and sale of computer software;
  13. 13The financing business of lending money, guaranteeing liabilities and other financial works;
  14. 14The trade or business of non-life insurance agency and life insurance soliciting;
  15. 15Temporary personnel placement agency;
  16. 16Such other trade or business of all kinds as relating or incidental to any of the above.