Privacy Policy

Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

We recognize that appropriately managing and protecting personal information is one of our social responsibilities.
We have set out our basic principles on the handling of personal information as our "Policy on the Protection of Personal Information," to ensure that such personal information is thoroughly protected.

  1. 1Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Rules

    We will comply with laws, regulations and rules concerning the protection of personal information.

  2. 2Implementation of Security Measures for Management of Personal Information

    We will implement the necessary security measures for information management to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, as well as the leakage, loss, falsification or unauthorized use of personal information.

  3. 3Respect for the Rights of the Individuals Whose Personal Information We Hold

    When we are requested by the individuals whose personal information is held by us to disclose, correct or delete his/her personal information, or to cease to use or provide to a third party such information, we will respond in good faith according to laws, regulations and societal norms.

  4. 4Creation of a Point of Contact for Inquiries

    We will create and maintain a point of contact to handle inquiries and complaints concerning the handling of personal information.

  5. 5Establishment and Continuous Improvement of Management System

    We will establish necessary internal management system to implement these policies by drawing up the rules, manuals, etc., and also carry out continuous improvements of such system.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

When we directly acquire personal information that is recorded in a written document, we will inform the individual of the purpose of use in advance. If we obtain personal information by other means, we will use it for the following purposes within the scope of businesses described in the Articles of Incorporation of Taisei Corporation and our group companies.

  1. 1For sales activities for customers and prospects, fulfillment of contracts with customers and execution of after service, etc.
  2. 2For explanation of our businesses and response to neighboring residents and landowners, etc.
  3. 3For public relations inside and outside the company, etc.

Share of Personal Information

Share of personal information in group companies, etc.

Under our management responsibility and within the scope of the purpose of use informed when we acquire personal information or described in the above Purpose of Use of Personal Information, we will share personal data (items necessary for the work described in the purpose of use, such as address, name, date of birth, gender, zip code, telephone number, fax number, email address, place of work and inquiry content) with our group companies and partner companies. For our group companies and partner companies, please refer to the following.
Our group companies ... Our website
Partner companies ... The companies posted in our website or construction sites, etc. as our partner companies

Share of personal information in "Construction Site Series"

We will share personal data in the "Construction Site Series" which is the ASP service for the construction industry operated by MC Data Plus, Inc. For items of personal data to be shared, the scope of the parties with whom personal data is shared and the purpose of use, please see "About shared use of personal information in the Construction Site Series"[PDF:48KB](available only in Japanese)

Share of personal information in "Construction Career Up System"

We will share personal data in the "Construction Career Up System" operated by the Kensetsugyo Shinkokikin. For the items of personal data to be shared, the scope of the parties with whom personal information is shared and the purpose of use, please see "About Handling of Personal Information in the Construction Career Up System"[PDF:256KB](available only in Japanese)

Point of Contact for inquiries

Please contact the following point of contact for inquiries and consultations regarding the handling of personal information and personal data held by us.

Customers may make a request for notification of purpose of use, or disclosure, or correction, addition or deletion of the content, or cessation of use, or erasing, or cessation of provision to third parties regarding his/her personal data held by us.
However, we may not be able to meet such a request if we have reasonable grounds, in which case we will explain that to the customer who make a request.
Please note the following points when making a request.

  1. 1Please cooperate in our identity verification procedure.
  2. 2It may take a certain amount of time to extract the personal data we hold and prepare for the explanation.
  3. 3It will cost JPY 300 as the actual cost for the administrative procedure for disclosure of personal data (if more than 15 pages of photocopies are required, there will be an additional charge of JPY 20 per sheet). This charge must be paid in advance by fixed amount postal order (remittance method to send cash by post for small amount as a money order).
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