Enhancing Employee Potential

Policy and Management

The Taisei Group includes "Striving to create value" in its Group Action Guidelines and emphasizes the importance of being ahead of the times and striving to improve one's knowledge and abilities.
Taisei Corporation, under its basic educational philosophy of “meeting the changes and needs of the times, and fostering professionals who are full of originality and capable of rising to the challenge of transformation,” carries out a wide range of human resource development measures.
We offer a wide variety of human resource development programs to enhance expertise and provide support to obtain certifications and improve management capabilities and other skills. In FY2020, the total time spent in training programs for skill development of all employees was 233,143 hours.

Promotion Framework

Conceptual Image of Human Resources Career Development

Taisei conducts various types of training in each phase after employees have joined the company in order to ensure that personnel have specialist skills, creativity and so on. Training is conducted according to rank across all divisions, for all personnel ranging from prospective employees slated for hiring to management personnel. Within each division as well, training to impart specialist knowledge and on-the-job training by experienced employees are conducted, in addition to annual training for young employees, training for management and global personnel, leadership development training for female employees and so on, in order to increase employee capabilities.
In FY2020, the time spent on training per employee was 27.0 hours.

Results of major training (FY2020)

Type of major training Category by type of participant Number of applicable participants (Persons) Actual number of participants (Persons) Participation rate(%) Total hours of training (hours) Training hours per person (hours)
Introduction training for new employees all 351 351 100.0 10,881.0 31.0
Step-Up Training for managers Employees who have been promoted 138 138 100.0 3,208.5 23.25
Power-up management training newly-appointed 62 62 100.0 1,441,5 23.25
Training for newly-appointed general manager Employees who have been promoted 112 112 100.0 1,736.0 15.5
Training for Business leaders Employees endorsed by the department 29 29 100.0 1,123.75 38.75
Global training Employees endorsed by the department 20 20 100.0 310.0 15.5

* Some of the training sessions that had been scheduled in FY2020 will be held in FY2021 in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Development of Global Human Resources

We are also making efforts to develop global human resources, such as by conducting training to improve foreign language proficiency and to facilitate an understanding of different cultures, as well as training at overseas worksites. Other initiatives include sending employees to graduate schools and other companies both in Japan and overseas.
In particular, the departments in charge of overseas businesses are independently promoting the reinforcement of “human resource” development, through the following training programs.

Training key personnel for overseas projects

Taisei Corporation works to train key personnel who will be involved in overseas projects.
We have established a Personnel Training Policy and Personnel Training Organization and conduct training in the areas of job skills, communication skills and management skills, to ensure that employees are able to use their specialist skills and knowledge in conducting construction business overseas. Diverse training that includes studying abroad at universities in foreign countries and being dispatched to other companies fosters a global outlook on the part of employees and improves their capabilities.

  FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Training hours per person 38.8 hours 38.8 hours 31.0 hours
Number of employees who participated in training at overseas worksites and research institutes 22 persons 13 persons 7 persons

Support for Qualification Acquisition

Taisei Corporation helps all employees improve skills in their area of work, by supporting their acquisition of qualifications, in order to develop engineers and managers with strong specializations.
The Company assists payment of test fees, registration fees, and renewal fees if employees pass tests for qualifications designated as necessary to execute business. Rewards are also paid for qualifications that are in particularly need.

Construction work Civil engineering work
First-class architect Professional engineer
First-class building operation and management engineer First-class civil engineering works execution managing engineer
First-class plumbing work operation and management engineer Chief concrete engineer
Building mechanical and electrical engineer Certified chief managing engineer for dam construction
Design International
First-class architect Licensed Architect
First-class architect in structural design Professional Engineer
First-class architect in facility design Project Management Professional
US licensed architect APEC Architect/Engineer
Development Engineering
The Association for Real Estate Securitization certified master Professional engineer
Redevelopment planner First-class plumbing work operation and management engineer
Professional engineer First-class electrical work operation and management engineer
Real estate notary  
Construction industry accountant Registered real-estate broker