Community Involvement and Development

Local Communities

Policy and Management

Taisei Corporation upholds “Communication with local communities” as one of its Group Action Guidelines under the Taisei Group Philosophy, and strives to build a good relationship with the local community.
We have defined contribution to the local society, environmental protection and academic/cultural factors of our community activities and volunteering. We have also established “development of technology to achieve a sustainable society” as one of our SDGs-related materiality themes, and we aims to resolve sustainable development issues through our businesses centered on the construction industry. In addition, Taisei Corporation belongs to the 1% Club of the Japan Business Federation, Care International Japan, and is cooperating with external organizations such as the Council for Better Corporate Citizenship (CBCC), in order to contribute to building a sustainable society.
In FY2020, the Company contributed ¥ 492 million in social contributions.

FY 2020 Community activities and volunteering investment costs

Unit: million JPY

Priority area Major items Cost expenditure (%)
Local society Social welfare / health / disaster assistance / international contributions / sports support, etc. 207 42.0%
Environmental protection Environmental protection, etc. 63 12.9%
Academic / cultural factors Academia / education / culture 191 38.8%
Other Human rights / political contributions, etc. 31 6.4%
Total   492  
Rate of contribution input to ordinary income     0.4%

Collaboration with Stakeholders and Our Major Initiatives

We will place particular priority on contribution to local society, environmental protection and academic/cultural factors in our local community activities.
Taisei Corporation carries out various local community activities,in which with collaboration with stakeholders and our major initiatives such as environmental beautification activities at the headquarters, the Technology Center and individual branches (including construction sites).
We are building good relationships with the countries and local communities in which we do business and are helping in the sustainable development in local regions. We strive to contribute to the sustainable regional development by revitalizing human resource development, and the local community and economy through local employment and the procurement of local goods and services.

[ Local Society ][ Academic/Cultural Factors ]

Striving for a World without Poverty

Since FY2008, as a corporate member, we have continuously donated to and supported CARE International Japan (“CARE Japan”), an organization that carries out humanitarian aid activities, such as solving global education issues, with a focus on child labor, education opportunities and disparities, and development aid. CARE Japan is a member of the NGO CARE International, which carries out humanitarian aid activities in over 100 countries worldwide with the goal of creating a world without poverty by providing emergency relief aid during disasters, supporting agricultural water enhancement projects, and helping empower women and girls. CARE International has offices in over 100 countries, and provides specialized, long-term, comprehensive support not only in education, but also in the areas of empowerment, health, water and sanitation, environment, and community development.

[ Local Society ][ Academic/Cultural Factors ]

Establishment of the “Taisei Corporation International Student Scholarship”

We established the Taisei Foundation in March 2017 in order to support the researchers who are realizing the Taisei Group Philosophy. The Taisei Foundation will endeavor to play a role in improving Japan's construction technologies by supporting new technological fields for the next generation For FY2020, the four year, three Vietnamese students and one Malaysian student were selected, and the scholarship certificate awarding ceremony was held at the head office.

[ Local Society ][ Environmental Protection ]

Grants from the Taisei Corporation Public Trust of Funds for Natural and Historic Environments

Since its founding in 1933, the Taisei Corporation Nature, History and Environment Foundation has contributed. This foundation contributes to the conservation of the natural environment, which is the common heritage of present and future humanity. For 28 years, we have granted subsidies of ¥15 million each year (for a total 668 grants) to projects conducive to the preservation of the natural environment and others that are the common property of present and future humanity.

[ Local Society ]

Supporting the development of the local community through business

With the establishment of the Shinjuku Subcenter Area Environmental Improvement Commission comprising 18 companies and universities based in the Nishi Shinjuku area, we take part in the effort to enhance the value of the whole Nishi Shinjuku area by strengthening cooperation with the government and local community and holding various events.
We established the Urban Planning Promotion Office in April 2018, which handles the revitalization of towns and area branding. It is currently working on measures to resolve issues and improve the values of areas including Sapporo, Sendai, Hiroshima and Fukuoka. In close cooperation with the Energy Division, Environment Division and other related corporate divisions and Group companies, we have put in place a system to create pioneering communities.

[ Local Society ][ Environmental Protection ]

Forest Creation Activities by the Forest Saver Project (FSPJ)

Taisei Corporation engages in forest creation activities by the Forest Saver Project (FSPJ) carried out on an industrial estate developed at the southern foot of Mt. Fuji. This is a ten-year project led by local NPOs to build a rich relationship among people, companies and the nature by bringing together local governments, universities and companies moving to the estate, under the concepts of “nurturing forests,” “learning about forests,” and “having fun in forests.”
Going forward, we will continue to be involved in this local partnership project and engage more companies moving into the industrial estate to promote measures for vitalizing the local community.

[ Local Society ]

Support for Bread Sales as a Practical Activity Helping to Achieve Independence of People with Disabilities

At the Taisei Advanced Center of Technology, weekly assistance for bread sales is provided to the training program to achieve independence of people with disabilities at the local activity home "Hikari" in Higashi Totsuka. Tours of the Center's activities are also provided for local elementary, junior high school and other students, as well as members of the general public.

(Note: Suspended from in February 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

[ Environmental Protection ]

Environmental Volunteer Activities (Satoyama Preservation Project)

Since 2007, Taisei Corporation has participated in the Tokyo Greenship Action CSR program conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, working together with local organizations, NPOs and so on to preserve the mixed forest satoyama and other natural environments in the Nanakuniyama Greenery Preservation Area in Machida, Tokyo.

[ Environmental Protection ]

Support for Animal-Pathway & Wildlife Association and Animal-Pathway Research Society

Taisei provides support for the Animal-Pathway & Wildlife Association, which works to protect the Japanese dormouse and other wildlife, and the Animal-Pathway Research Society, whose head office is located in the KEEP Yamane (Japanese dormouse) Museum of the Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project (Kiyosato, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture). We have recruited volunteers to build dormouse nest boxes each year since 2005 when animal pathways were built in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

[ Environmental Protection ]

Support for the Borneo "Ongaeshi" (Rewarding) Project using Vending Machines Equipped with a Donation Function

Taisei has put in place vending machines that are equipped with a donation function, in order to donate a portion of sales to the NPO Borneo Conservation Trust Japan (BCTJ) . This is in support of the Borneo "Ongaeshi" (Rewarding) Project whose goal is to protect the Borneo elephant, a species that has become endangered due to the reduction of tropical rain forests in Borneo. The vending machines are installed in some 20 locations at the Taisei head office and branch offices.

[ Environmental Protection ]

Environmental Contributions through the "Taisei 1-Ton Club"

The Taisei 1-Ton Club has been held since 2010 as an activity related to environmental preservation and other initiatives. Donations are collected from the officers and employees of Taisei Corporation and other Taisei Group companies. Since 2017, these contributions have been used to buy nursery trees to support forest restoration efforts on the Osaki Peninsula in Kamaishi City, which sustained damage due to major wildfires.

[ Academic/Cultural Factors ]

Establishment of The Taisei Foundation (General Incorporated Foundation)

We established The Taisei Foundation (general incorporated foundation) in March 2017. To support researchers who realize the Taisei Group Philosophy “To create a vibrant environment for all members of society,” we provide funds for academic research in fields including construction, civil engineering, development, energy, the environment, and disaster prevention. This is to support technology development for the next generation and improve construction technologies in Japan, and contribute to the progress of academic research. The foundation publicly invites researchers who wish to be subsidized once every year.
From FY2017 to 2020, we had 270 applications as the four-year total. We selected 49 projects to grant subsidies to, and provided about ¥135 million as subsidies. It will be open to the public, and the research results will be widely publicized.

[ Academic/Cultural Factors ]

Operation of “Galerie Taisei” to Spread Construction Culture

The Galerie Taisei was established in 1992 to spread construction culture by introducing the works (architecture and paintings) of Le Corbusier, some of which have been inscribed on the World Cultural Heritage list. We lend items from our collections and cooperate in the planning of art exhibitions at museums such as The National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo and the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris.
On our website, we have created a 3D-CG virtual gallery based on a museum plan which was designed by Le Corbusier but could not be realized. His works of art are available for viewing in the virtual space. Other than the collections of art works by Le Corbusier, we also lend the works of artists like Marc Chagall and Charles-François Daubigny to exhibitions.

[ Academic/Cultural Factors ]

Support for "Taisei Cup Seirei-sen" Female Shogi Player Competition

Taisei sponsors the Taisei Cup Seirei-sen" competition for female shogi players in cooperation with the Japan Shogi Association. Through this competition, Taisei strives to disseminate and promote Japanese traditional culture and helps to promote full participation by women in the workplace.

[ Academic/Cultural Factors ]

Special Lectures at Yokohama National University

Each year, the Taisei Advanced Center of Technology conducts special lectures at Yokohama National University. The lectures are held for third year students and above in the College of Urban Sciences at the university and deal with such topics as technologies for preventing natural disasters, the development of new materials and new construction techniques, environmental protection technologies, national projects and so on. 13 such lectures are presented each year. In 2019, which marked the one-year anniversary of the concluding of the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement, the objective of further enhanced collaboration and research promotion was confirmed by the introduction of a new cross appointment system. With this system, Yokohama National University faculty will serve as technical advisors at Taisei Corporation, and the bi-directional exchanges are expected to accelerate joint research in applicable fields.