Supply Chain Management

Promotion of CSR Procurement*¹

In April 2013 Taisei Corporation established a “Procurement Policy” with the aim of achieving CSR in the entire supply chain, towards realizing a sustainable society.
Also, a “CSR Procurement Working Group” has been established from the Building Division, the Civil Engineering Division, the Procurement Division, the Corporate Planning Department, and the CSR Promotion Office of the Corporate Communication Department, in order to raise the awareness of the CSR initiatives in the supply chain.
The aim is to improve CSR in the construction industry by nurturing good partnerships with suppliers.

System for Promotion of CSR Procurement

*1 CSR Procurement: Requiring supplier companies to also implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Holding Lecture Meetings and Monitoring

From April to November 2013, “CSR Procurement Explanatory Meetings” were held for members of Soyukai (an organization of cooperating companies of Taisei Corporation), and the managers of Taisei building and civil engineering works sites to promote “CSR Procurement” including the supply chain, based on the “Procurement Policy” adopted in April. Also monitoring was carried out by about 1,000 members of Soyukai, who are the first-tier suppliers.

Number of Participants to CSR Procurement
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