Promotion of compliance

Compliance Policy

The Taisei Corporation Group Action Guidelines states that in order to realize social responsibility, “laws and regulations, etc. (laws, ordinances, bylaws, administrative guidance, social rules such as customs, and the company's various rules and regulations, etc.) must be strictly complied with, and actions must be carried out with good social awareness”, and “contracts and promises made with customers, suppliers, the local community, etc., must be fulfilled with sincerity”. This is the basis of compliance for all officers and employee's of the Taisei Corporation Group.

Compliance System

A “Compliance Committee” has been established in Taisei Corporation as an advisory organization to the President consisting of 6 members whose chairperson is an external influential person (committee members consist of 2 external influential persons, and 4 directors, etc.), and committee meetings are held several times per year as needed.
In the Compliance Committee, the reports on the status of specific initiatives to promote compliance and reports on proposals are discussed, and opinions are exchanged regarding the status of implementation of compliance training and training schemes, etc. Opinions and proposals are received from the committee members to strengthen the promotion of compliance.
Also, an in-house compliance promotion system is provided consisting of the President on top, and those responsible for promoting and implementing the system in each department, in order that compliance awareness and education is implemented throughout the company.

Compliance System

* CP: Abbreviation for “compliance”
* Compliance Promotion Office: Office having the secretarial function for the Compliance Committee, and that promotes compliance awareness among officers and employee's.
* Compliance implementer: All heads of departments are appointed as compliance implementers, and the head of each department creates awareness of and provides education on compliance for all officers and employee's, etc., in the department for which they are responsible.

Improving Compliance Awareness

In Taisei Corporation, compliance training is implemented and compliance communications are used for training and awareness, in order to propagate compliance awareness.
Group compliance training is carried out several times per year out for all employee's, either as group training in small groups or by e-learning.
Also, awareness of officers and employee's is raised by publishing Compliance Communication on the intranet once per month, providing a column to raise a broad range of topics regarding compliance in an easy to understand and timely manner.
Each group company develops their own training materials, and compliance is promoted as a single Group.

Improving Compliance Awareness

Measures to Ensure Thorough Compliance

Use of the Communication System

An in-house notification system “Corporate ethics helpline” for actions that infringe laws or regulations or the Group Action Guidelines, and a notification contact at a lawyer's office as an external organization is also provided. Officers and employee's are made familiar with these systems through the “Notification” and “Discuss” menus on the company's intranet and by the use of posters, etc.
Also, there is a method of handling notifications from the employee's of supplier that have direct transactions with the company on the Taisei Corporation website, and they are made familiar with this.
In addition, a Group Helpline System is provided for all 20 companies in the Taisei Corporation Group, to implement the compliance system.

Flow Diagram for the Corporate Ethics Helpline

Response to Group Companies and Specialist Contractors

Compliance training is held every year for the heads of suppliers and specialist sub-contractors at the Taisei Corporation “Safety and Health Management Conference*”.
Also, a liaison conference is held once every year for those responsible for legal affairs in Taisei Corporation and Group companies, at which information is exchanged regarding issues in legal affairs that are common to each company (trends in amendment of laws, compliance with laws and regulations regarding sub-contractors, etc.).

* Safety and Health Management Conference: A conference held to familiarize specialist sub-contractors regarding safety and health management

System for Ensuring Proper Conduct of Tendering and Verification of the Status of Compliance

The chiefs of branch offices confirm that tendering work is conducted properly, and an in-house system is operated for preparation and storage of the verification records. Also, every year the Legal Department verifies the status of compliance of all branch offices with the Construction Business Act and Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, etc. to Subcontractor and that tendering work has been done properly.

Obligation to Notify Regarding Major Infringements of the Law

If any officer or employee becomes aware that “they themselves or another officer or employee has committed or is about to commit an action that infringes a certain law, etc., that could cause major damage to the company (prohibition from being nominated on tenders, order to suspend operations, etc.)”, then they have an obligation to notify the company.

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