Corporate Governance and Internal Controls

Corporate Governance

In Taisei Corporation, the Board of Directors (including external directors) has introduced a system of executive directors, and various director committees have been established (Personnel Committee, Finance Committee, Related Company Committee, etc.) in order that the Board of Directors can devote itself to management decision making and supervision.
Also, an Audit Committee (including external auditors) has been established to strengthen the audit independence and the group-wide audit system that implements audits in close liaison with financial auditors and the in-house Auditing Department.

Corporate Governance System

Governance System Appropriate Practice of Internal Controls

In order to ensure reliability of the systems of appropriately and efficiently executing work and financial reporting, the Board of Directors has established a “Basic Policy for Development of a System for Ensuring Appropriate Working”, upon which various measures have been taken.
Also, internal controls regarding financial reporting based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act is recognized as one of the most important tasks as a company, and a system of internal controls has been instituted in order to ensure the reliability of financial reporting disclosed to the public.
The status of development and operation of the internal controls is evaluated every year by the Audit Department and its effectiveness is checked by auditing carried out by KPMG Azsa LLC audit company. The evaluation results are presented in the “Internal Controls Report”, and the audit results in the “Internal Controls Audit Report”. In the future a companywide system applicable to all departments and group companies will be developed, and a system of guidance to maintain appropriate operation of business processes will be developed, so by ensuring the effectiveness of the internal controls, the reliability of financial reporting will be further increased, thereby fulfilling our social responsibility as a company.

Propagation and Establishment of System of Group Ideals

In 2010 Taisei Corporation re-constructed the system of group ideals, and instituted various measures to ensure their propagation and establishment.
Specifically, the support tool “Group Action Guidance File” which considers management and employee's to be linked to their work was created and made available on the intranet. Also, e-learning* regarding this system of group ideals has been implemented every year since 2011.

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