Environmental Data

In some cases the sum of individual values may not be consistent with total values, due to rounding of data.

Third-party assured values (Independent Assurance Report) are indicated with the  mark.

1. Taisei Corporation Material Flow

Taisei Corporation and its Group companies endeavor to grasp the balance of resources and energy amount associated with business activities, in order to increase environmental efficiency and work towards the formation of a recycling-oriented society (terms).

Taisei Corporation Material Flow

*1 The quantity used as green procurement products out of the main construction materials

Group Companies Material Flow
Promotion of Environmental Management in Group Companies

Material data is determined for the 7 companies that participate in the Taisei Corporation Group Environmental Promotion Conference, including Taisei Rotec Co., Ltd., Taisei Yuraku Real Estate Co., Ltd., Taisei U-LEC Corporation, Taisei Setsubi Co., Ltd., Taisei Housing Corporation, and Seiwa Renewal Works Co., Ltd., to promote the common initiatives of reduction in CO2 and industrial waste emissions and energy efficiency. Also, work to standardize the method of collecting environmental data was started in the 5-year plan which commenced in FY 2012. In FY 2013 a uniform “Taisei Corporation Group Environmental Data Collection Manual” was prepared based on the Taisei Corporation method of collection, for data such as energy and water usage, CO2 emissions, and construction waste emissions. From FY 2014, each office, site (construction site), and factory in each company will collect data in accordance with this manual, with the aim of obtaining third party certification in FY 2016.

Material Flow for Group Companies

2. Improve Environmental Technology Research and Development and Proposal-Making Capability

3. Environmental Accounting

Calculation Standard for Environmental Data and Indexes FY 2013
Organizations Covered: Taisei Corporation (Japan only)
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