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Message from the Chief of the Environmental Division

As warming of the global climate system due to human activities continues, we have formulated TAISEI Green Target 2020, 2050 which incorporates the concept of the construction industry contributing to future generations through our business. We of course provide our customers with buildings with high energy efficiency performance undertake a wide range of initiatives including reducing carbon dioxide emissions from construction sites during construction, minimizing the quantity of construction waste disposed of, promoting 3R activities (reduce, reuse, recycle), and creating a more diverse natural environment by conserving biodiversity, as well as. Also, we develop technologies with the aim of speeding up recovery and restoration from the Great East Japan Earthquake by even 1 day.

Makoto Imasaka, Executive Officer, Chief of Environment Division

Makoto Imasaka,
Executive Officer,
Chief of Environment Division

TAISEI Green Target

TAISEI Green Target


Taisei Corporation sets environmental management targets in financial year units in the “TAISEI AGENDA”, results for KPI selected items are listed. indicated on page 39.

Response to Recovery and Restoration from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Since the occurrence of the earthquake in 2011, Taisei Corporation has been undertaking recovery and restoration work in the affected areas, such as decontamination work, etc.

Response to Recovery and Restoration of Areas Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

In the response work for the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, in March 2014 we completed the work of processing the waste in Kamaishi and Kessennuma. We continue to assist with the decontamination work in Fukushima Prefecture in Minami Soma City, Iitate Village, Kawamata Town, the Joban Expressway, Koriyama City, etc., working to complete the recovery and restoration as soon as possible. Decontamination technologies have been developed to improve the effectiveness of decontamination, such as dry ice blasting, combustible material compression bags, decontamination of water areas with thin layer sand covering, etc. Also, we have been engaged in various urban reconstruction activities such as relocation to higher ground in Higashi-Matsushima City, construction of BCP (Business Continuity Plan) corresponding buildings with, cogeneration system (combined heat and power generation equipment), seismic isolation, etc.



The FY 2014 environmental management targets were set in accordance with the Group Action Guidelines, the Environmental Policy, and the Mid-term Business Plan.
In this fiscal year new targets were set for reduction rate of CO2 emissions intensity in the construction stage, and index of industrial waste intensity in civil engineering. Also, a target for the recycling rate of construction waste is set again as a final disposal rate.
The response to recovery and restoration of the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake is also continuing as an important target.

FY 2014 Environmental Management Targets (TAISEI AGENDA 2014)

As Taisei Corporation is an “Eco First” certified company, the environmental targets in the TAISEI AGENDA (indicated with the ★ symbol in the table) are undertaken as “Eco First Promises”.

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