Taisei Group of Companies CSR


Status of achievement: 100   99.9~90.0   89.9~80.0   79.9 or below
Number of fatal accidents/frequency rates, Number of major information security accidents: Achieved   Not achieved


Contribution to realizing a low carbon society
Promotion of 3R activities-/Promotion of green procurement
Proper management of construction waste
Providing environmentally friendly technologies

Consumer Issues

Full compliance with quality control standards and procedures
Development and providing technologies to solve social issues

Community Involvement and Development

Promotion of community contribution activities
Expansion of employee volunteers

Labor Practices

Raising the level of safety and health with TAISEI OHSMS

*Calculated for accidents entailing four or more days off work. From 2012, the target is set on the basis of all accidents entailing days off work, irrespective of the number of days.

Human Rights and Labor Practices

Human rights education activities
Promotion of diversity
Supporting the balance between work and life (1) (Number of employee's taking child raising leave)
Supporting the balance between work and life (2) (Number of former employee's registered with Job-Return system)
Supporting the balance between work and life (3) (Rate of paid leave utilization)
Promotion of staff education

Organization Governance

Spreading and consolidating the Taisei Group Ideal
BCP (Initiatives for business continuity planning)
Dialog with stakeholders

Fair Operating Practices

Improvement in compliance awareness
Promotion of CSR procurement
Practice of intellectual property strategy
Measures to prevent information leakage / Improvement in information security awareness
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