Financial DataMedium-term Company Management Strategy and Issues to Be Dealt with

GRI G4-34、G4-38

Although we expect the market environment to remain strong for a while, the outlook is unclear beyond the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in light of the decreasing population and financial constraints, and securing and nurturing employees in the construction business is deemed to be a major challenge.
Under these circumstances, we are implementing the "Medium-term Business Plan (2015-2017)," and are working with full force toward achieving the management goals listed below.
A case of violation of the Anti-Monopoly Act occurred at our group company TAISEI ROTEC CORPORATION. We consider this to be a grave and serious matter, and will strive to prevent recurrence and to restore trust at an early stage by implementing even more rigorous compliance across the Group, including TAISEI ROTEC CORPORATION.

Medium-term Business Plan (FY2015-2017)

Basic Policies Deep Cultivation of the Construction Industry, Our Core Business


  • To obtain high customer satisfaction by ensuring quality and safety
  • To achieve stable and sustainable growth
  • To promote conversion to a business structure for creation of higher added value
  • To obtain high trust and evaluation from all stakeholders

Management Tasks

1. Strategic initiatives for target projects

1. Participation in National Projects

2. Participation in large scale private sector projects

3. Participation in overseas infrastructure export

2. Active contribution to enhancement of social infrastructure

1. Participation in the main infrastructure development for the safety, security, and convenience of the people

2. Participation in projects for stable electrical power supply

3. Active contribution to earthquake reconstruction projects

3. Promotion of next generation technological development

1. Development of construction technologies for the next generation

2. More advanced technologies for dealing with earthquakes

3. Development of technologies for differentiation in fields such as environment, nuclear power, etc.

4. Establishment of next generation business models for target fields

1. Renewal and replacement field

2. Nuclear power field

3. Environmental field

4. Engineering field

5. Urban development field

5. Strengthen domestic construction business

1. Improvement in construction capabilities

2. Strengthen the quality and safety management systems

3. Expansion of design and construct projects

4. Improvement in procurement power

6. Construct the basis for healthy growth of overseas projects

1. Construct systems with a view towards participation in overseas infrastructure exports

2. Promotion of business in areas and fields with good prospects

3. Strengthen the business systems of overseas companies

7. Increase the Group strength

1. Promote Group housing strategy

2. Development of new renewal technologies for seismic retrofit of infrastructure, etc.

3. Strengthening cooperation among group companies in connection with sales, procurement, and construction

8. Evolution of management infrastructure

1. Establishment of corporate governance for the next generation

2. Promotion and improvement of a solid financial foundation

3. Training and strengthening of human resources

4. Promotion of diversity management

5. Utilization of ICT