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Workplace Environment of Employees

Creating a Pleasant Workplace

ISO 6.3.6 Resolving grievances
6.3.7 Discrimination and social protection
6.3.9 Economic, social and cultural rights
6.4.4 Conditions of work and social protection
6.4.6 Health and safety at work
6.4.7 Human development and training in the workplace
GRI G4-11、LA1、LA4、LA5、LA8

Toward the Realization of Work-Life Balance

We are pursuing a number of measures to create a fulfilling workplace for each and every employee. Recently, we have been striving towards the realization of work-life balance through efforts to reduce working hours focusing on both tangible and intangible aspects such as increasing operational efficiency with use of smart devices.

Labor-Management Relations

Taisei Corporation has a union shop agreement with its employees union, and all 7,592 employees, except for management, belong to the union. The Company conducts various surveys and dialogs between labor and management every year for the purpose of facilitating labor- management relations and the business activities of the Company. Changes in working conditions are listed as items determined in advance through discussion between labor and management.

Health of Employees

In order to enable employees to manage their mental and physical health, we encourage workers who displayed symptoms in a health checkup to seek medical attention. We also ensure that overworked employees meet with a physician.
Furthermore, we encourage the taking of stress checks, carry out Line Care Training for management employees, and prepare a broad support system in collaboration with specialized organizations and industrial physicians.

Health Management Initiatives

Taisei Corporation was recognized under the 2017 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program (White 500) established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in FY2017.

List of Initiatives Promoting Work-Life Balance

Promoted items Content of activities
Shorter working hours
  • Implementation of campaigns to achieve target for the number of holidays and leave days taken per year
  • Implementation of business improvement activities through labor-management cooperation by establishing the shorter working hours conference in April 2015
  • Promotion of working style reform by utilizing ICT
Childcare support
  • Promotion of childcare leave taken by male employees by establishing five paid leave days for childcare
  • Implementation of childcare support programs to support smooth leave and return to work, meetings for employees on childcare leave, consultation sessions on finding daycare services, seminars for fathers, and work-life balance seminars
  • Creation of a temporary day-care center during training and seminars in consideration of employees who are raising children
Nursing-care support
  • Provision of information by implementing nursing-care seminars nationwide
  • Individual consulting meetings with outside organizations on nursing-care
  • Three-person meetings for employees who are facing nursing-care
  • Promotion of taking of annual paid leave, refreshment leave and long-service leave
  • Salary increase and revised allowances to support employees who are getting married and having and raising children
  • Enhancement of the welfare program

Initiatives for Childcare Support

We have targeted making the childcare leave usage rate by male employees 100% as one of our working style reform measures, and are involving the employees' assigned departments and their supervisors in this company-wide effort. In addition to joining the Ikuboss Corporate Alliance in April 2017, we have received the Ikumen Enterprise Award 2016 and a recognition based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children.


Improving Retention Rate of Young Employees

  • Human Resources Department, Business Administration Division

We strive to eliminate mismatching of employees and jobs through measures such as providing detailed job descriptions during the recruitment screening process and conducting construction site visits. We also work to retain employees by striving to create a pleasant working environment, including holding interviews with young employees after they join the Company, and introducing a mentorship program on a trial basis.

Turnover rate of employees within 3 years of hiring ・・・5.0%

Percentage of new graduates hired on general and specialized career tracks who resigned within 3 years of employment.

Toward Human Resources Skill Development

ISO 6.3.8 Civil and political rights
6.4.6 Health and safety at work
6.4.7 Human development and training in the workplace

Support for Career-Building

We provide employees with comprehensive training in each phase after joining the Company to develop human resources with specialty and creativity.

Outline of Human Resources Development System

Outline of Human Resources Development System

Support for Qualification Acquisition

Taisei Corporation helps all employees improve skills in their area of work, by supporting their acquisition of qualifications, in order to develop engineers and managers with strong specializations.

Examples of Support for Qualification Acquisition

Construction work Civil engineering work
  • First-class architect
  • First-class building operation and management engineer
  • First-class plumbing work operation and management engineer
  • Building mechanical and electrical engineer
  • Professional engineer
  • First-class civil engineering works execution managing engineer
  • Chief concrete engineer
  • Certified chief managing engineer for dam construction
Design International
  • First-class architect
  • First-class architect in structural design
  • First-class architect in facility design
  • US licensed architect
  • Licensed architect
  • Professional engineer
  • Project management professional
  • APEC architect / engineer
Development Engineering
  • The Association for Real Estate Securitization certified master
  • Redevelopment planner
  • Professional engineer
  • Real estate notary
  • Professional engineer
  • First-class plumbing work operation and management engineer
  • First-class electrical work operation and management engineer
  • Construction industry accountant
  • Registered real-estate broker


Working style Reform through Use of ICT in Daily Operations

Social issues including risks to employee health due to long working hours have recently come to the fore. In order to resolve these issues, Taisei Corporation is promoting working style reform through ICT solutions such as utilization of the Field Pad app. In May 2016, we introduced the Office 365 cloud service, to create a business environment "that can be safely used by anyone, anytime, anywhere, with any device." We have promoted use and spread of the service, and results of an in-house survey showed that an average of eight hours could be saved per month. The Taisei Group will continue seeking to enhance its vibrant workplace environment with the aim of realizing work-life balance.

Improving Health and Safety Standards

ISO 6.4.6 Health and safety at work
6.4.7 Human development and training in the workplace

Health and Safety Policy and OHSMS System

Based on the ideal of "Safety First," Taisei Corporation works hard to ensure safety in a tangible form day to day in concerted efforts among its employees, group companies and cooperating companies. We are committed to this under the "Health and Safety Policy," which the President indicates by systematizing and organizing the "Taisei Occupational Health and Safety Management System" (TAISEI OHSMS), to eliminate accidents and damage and prevent third-party accidents.
TAISEI OHSMS is established based on the safety and health management techniques and know-how which Taisei Corporation has accumulated over many years. Using this system as a platform, the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle is properly implemented to improve health and safety standards.
In addition, we work to prevent accidents and damage by conducting risk assessment and taking necessary measures to reduce risk, based on the results of audits of the actions under the "Health and Safety Management Policy." We also carry out thorough construction site patrols and safety education for construction workers in order to ensure health and safety management based on TAISEI OHSMS.



Formulated in July 2005. Final revision in November 2009.

Safety Education Support for Specialist Contractors (Cooperating Companies)

Taisei Corporation cooperates closely with the "Taisei Health, Safety, and Environment Cooperation Association," which consists of cooperating companies all over Japan, to prevent accidents and damage. Members of the Association work to prevent accidents and damage by participating in the "Safety Conference (January)" and the "Safety Promotion Conference (June)" held by Taisei Corporation each year, and by using educational and instructional material for health and safety management such as the journal "Cooperation" and the "Collection of Accident Cases."

The President's patrol

The award ceremony

Establishment of Various Foremen Systems

In the civil engineering field, the system for rewards for excellent civil engineering skilled workers, under which a reward is paid to the workers with excellent construction skills who contribute to construction work at the sites of Taisei Corporation, is introduced to improve the overall capabilities, including quality, safety and skills.
In the building construction field, a system for the highest quality foremen was newly established and has been put into operation upon partial revision of the first-class foremen system during FY2015 to further improve the foremen's construction management capability, including quality, skills and safety to strengthen the production system.

Category Name of system Amount of
Time for certification
/ Number of certified persons
Subject Start of system
Civil engineering System for reward to excellent civil engineering skilled workers (BMT) ¥2,000
per day
Annually (each December)
/ 502 workers
Skilled workers who meet the specified requirements including qualifications All over Japan January
1, 2013
Building construction System for first-class foremen (partially revised) ¥1,000
per day
Each April
/ 770 foremen
Building construction System for highest quality foremen ¥3,000
per day
Each April
/ 43 foremen

BMT: Best Meister of TaiseiAs of March , 2017


Improvement of the Health and Safety Standards

  • Safety Administration Department, Safety Administration Division

The Company set a target of "achievement of zero fatal accidents" in 2016, but regretfully one fatal accident occurred.
For 2017, we have again set a target of "zero fatal accidents," and will promote various measures aimed at "shifting from recurrence-prevention safety management to preventive safety management."

Number of Fatal Accidents ・・・1 cases

Health and Safety Initiatives at Construction Sites

We are pursuing worksite-led activities in order to improve health and safety levels at the "(Tentative Name) Jingumae Plan" construction site in Harajuku, Tokyo, where we are constructing a high-rise building with 23 floors above ground and 3 basement floors.

Promoting Activities Led by Foremen

Specialized contractors (cooperating companies) are involved in work on construction sites in a wide range of fields until the building is completed. An average of about 40 foremen, who are the leaders from each cooperating company, along with some 400 skilled construction workers, enter this construction site each day. In order to preserve safety at a worksite where different companies are involved depending on the stage of work, and new skilled construction workers join the site each day, it is vital that everyone share an awareness of safety and engage in efforts collectively. We have therefore organized a Foremen's Council that cross over company borders at this worksite, and formulated the council's slogan, "Dedicated Wholeheartedly to Progress." We are implementing initiatives under four sub-committees, namely environment, safety, vehicles, and publicity, in order to work as one to realize zero accidents and zero damage.

Emphasizing Unity while Maintaining Alertness

The Foremen's Council engages in various activities such as conducting safety patrols from various perspectives depending on the day of the week, promoting the "point-and-call" practice, which is an effective safety check, and practicing individual danger prediction activities at morning assemblies. In addition to constantly maintaining a sense of alertness on the site, we also create innovative ways to ensure that safety measures quickly become familiar without being simply rote, such as publishing the Jingumae Newspaper, a tabloid-type paper that enables all construction workers to share an understanding of the project status, and putting up manga-style posters. We further strengthen the sense of unity by creating plenty of opportunities for deeper, direct communication among construction workers, such as by holding occasional fireworks, sports festivals, barbecues, and cultural exchanges among construction workers of different nationalities.

Fostering a Culture of Preventing Accidents and Damages before They Happen

The repetition of these processes fostered a culture where workers can freely speak their minds to each other. This produced a virtuous circle, whereby a higher level of awareness among all employees is reflected in improvement activities, such as when active communication leads workers to caution each other and prevent trouble before it occurs. In addition, the openness of the workplace boosts the morale of construction workers and facilitates smooth coordination among cooperating companies, thus promoting work efficiency as well as safety.

Illustration of Tokyo Branch (Tentative Name) Jingumae Plan construction site after completion
Illustration of Tokyo Branch (Tentative Name) Jingumae Plan construction site after completion
Collective safety prayer with Foremen's Council
Collective safety prayer with Foremen's Council
Jingumae Newspaper
Jingumae Newspaper
Poster promoting “point-and-call”
Poster promoting "point-and-call"
Promoting use of workplace accident example sheets
Promoting use of workplace accident example sheets
Cultural exchange event
Cultural exchange event

Osamu Kubota, Construction Site Manager, (Tentative Name) Jingumae Plan Construction Site, Tokyo Branch

Skilled construction workers are the leading figures at a construction worksite. What the site manager says does not have any effect unless it penetrates to each and every person working on site. Through activities led by the foremen, we can surely achieve zero accidents and zero damage if everyone thinks of this place as "their site" and considers fellow workers as "their family." Creating that environment is an important job for the site manager.

Labor Practices

ISO 6.4 Labour practices
6.4.3 Employment and employment relationships
GRI G4-10、LA1、LA3

Personnel data (non-consolidated)

  FY2014 FY2015 FY2016
Number of employees 8,007 8,072 8,415
 Number of female employees 1,228 1,270 1,470
 Number of foreign Employees 66 75 87
Average age 42.9 42.8 42.9
Average service years 19.0 18.8 18.3
Average annual salary (million yen) 8.91 9.18 9.50
Turnover rate of new graduates employed after 3 years (%) 4.0 6.6 5.0
Number of female managers 39 53 62
Number of female engineers 526 549 584

Promotion of human resource development and Supporting the balance between work and life (non-consolidated)

  FY2014 FY2015 FY2016
Number of re-employed 654 673 663
Rate of employment of handicapped persons (%) 2.07 2.08 2.05
Number of former employees registered with the Job-Return system 2 0 15
Numbers taking leave for childcare (male) 2 4 147
Numbers taking leave for childcare (female) 35 50 40
Rate of returning to work from childcare leave (female) (%) 93.8 100 100
Rate of paid leave utilization (%) 32.4 34.6 37.3
Rate of milestone leave utilization (%) 68.0 95.3 93.6
Rate of refresh leave utilization (%) 84.6 86.3 89.1
Number of trainees at overseas sites, etc. 6 11 6
Number of trainees at overseas training organizations 4 5 4

key Performance Indicator