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Creating a Workplace Where Everyone Enjoys Their Work

Respect for Human Rights and Diversity

ISO 6.3.3 Due diligence
6.3.4 Human rights risk situations
6.3.5 Avoidance of complicity
6.3.7 Discrimination and social protection
6.3.10 Fundamental principles and rights at work
6.4.3 Employment and employment relationships

Our Human Rights Policy and System

The Taisei Group has developed the Human Rights Policy *1 with reference to international human rights standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the eight fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the ISO 26000, as well as the International Code of Conducts to prohibit child labor, compulsory labor and discrimination in employment and occupation and guarantee the right of association and the right to bargain collectively.
In addition, the "Taisei Human Rights Awareness Promotion Committee" continually engages in efforts including the creation and review of basic policies and activity plans.

1 Formulated in October 2005

Consultation Services for Human Rights and Monitoring

Taisei Corporation has established a whistle-blowing system (helpline) and consultation services in each department in the Company in order to prevent abuses of human rights and harassment from occurring. We respond appropriately to resolve problems by investigating the facts while giving consideration to the protection of whistle-blowers.

Employment of Senior Personnel, Employees Who Have Left the Company after Childcare or Nursing-care Leave, and Physically Challenged Persons

We worked to enhance the reemployment system for senior personnel with a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills to let them pass on their know-how to the next generation and continue to play an active role, and have reemployed 663 personnel in FY2016.
In addition, we have started a job return system in FY2008 to reemploy personnel who have resigned due to unavoidable circumstances such as childcare or nursing care so that they can return to the workplace, and have reemployed 24 employees to date.
Approximately 130 physically challenged employees work at Taisei Corporation (an employment rate of 2.04% in FY2016). These employees take an active role in various fields thanks to measures that consider individual disabilities, such as sign language interpretation, use of UDTalk*2, and the establishment of a consultation desk.

2 UDTalk: A software application for the hearing impaired that can convert speech to text using a smart device

Human Rights Promotion Activities

In FY2016, we provided e-learning training for all employees and training for employees according to their number of years on the job. In addition, some of the content was translated into English and Chinese and used as material for training conducted for local staff employed at overseas business sites.

Promotion of Diversity Management

Diversity Management Selection 100

As one of the issues addressed in the Medium-term Business Plan, we aim to encourage diversity management, focusing on creating a workplace in which employees are able to take the most active possible role, taking advantage of their diversity in terms of sex, nationality, disability, values, the way of working and career.

Main Initiatives to Promote Diversity


Human Rights Promotion Activities

  • Human Resources Department, Business Administration Division

We provide e-learning and group training for all employees by incorporating human rights training in the basic education system for each layer and department of the employees. In FY2016, we held 31 group training sessions, with 1,253 employees taking part in the training. We also implement human rights promotion activities such as human rights education programs, including talks from external speakers, and solicitation of human rights essays and slogans.

Rate of Attendance at Human Rights Training ・・・93.8%