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Our Pride in Quality

Ensuring Quality and Improving Customer Satisfaction

ISO 6.7.3 Fair marketing, factual and unbiased information and fair contractual practice
6.7.4 Protecting consumers' health and safety
6.7.8 Access to essential services

Quality Policy and System

Under the slogan of "ensuring and improving safety and quality" stated in the Group Action Guidelines, Taisei Group formulates the "Quality Policy,"* which governs our corporate activities. We obtained ISO 9001 certification in 1996 for the first time in the Japanese construction industry. We operate and establish a quality management system covering from design and construction to after handover in order to provide customers with construction products and after-sales service with safety and comfort. Additionally, in conjunction with the quality management system, "TAISEI QUALITY" activities have been implemented since 2009 to ensure thorough awareness and application of the quality management standards and procedures within the entire Group. We also conduct customer satisfaction interviews and surveys to ensure proper quality management and eliminate any defects caused by quality, in cooperation with the relevant departments.

Formulated in July 2005.

Provision of High-Quality Construction Products and Related Services

Establishment of Specialized Construction Auditing Office

To ensure higher quality and safety, and objective construction auditing in design and building projects, Taisei Corporation established the office of first-class architects which specializes in construction auditing operations. The office started its operations in FY2016 with 70 experts in design, structure and facilities who are dedicated to construction auditing under the basic policy that "customer satisfaction and trust shall be secured by providing 'high-quality construction products and related services' meeting the demands of customers and society."

Utilization of Cloud Services and Smart Devices at Construction Sites

Taisei Corporation has been using the "Kensetsu Site" cloud service provided by Mitsubishi Corporation (currently MC Data Plus) since 2003 to manage and share plans and documents at branches and on-site offices with the aim of improving productivity at increasingly complex construction sites.
In 2012, we developed the "Field Pad," an app for iPhones and iPads for the purpose of improving operations and enhancing quality control in construction management, leading to labor-saving in labeling and organizing photographic construction records.
Users of these apps include not only officers and employees at Taisei Corporation, but also employees of cooperating companies and others involved in construction. Currently, approximately 30,000 users take advantage of these apps to access the latest plans and information on documents regardless of time or place.


Implementation of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Civil Engineering Division / Building Construction Division

The customer satisfaction rate on surveys conducted by the Civil Engineering Division after building handover was 80%. The customer satisfaction rate for the Building Construction Division, the rate was 90%. The results of surveys are reflected in follow-up construction meetings to eliminate complaints in concerted efforts among the headquarters and branches.

Customer Satisfaction Rate (Civil Engineering) ・・・80%
Customer Satisfaction Rate (Building Construction) ・・・90%

Hitozukuri (development of human resources) for Monozukuri (precise, superb craftsmanship)

Educational Supporter System (Civil Engineering Division)

OJT education provided by an educational supporter

Under the "educational supporter system" introduced in 2009, educational supporters appointed from among employees with experience as construction site managers check the progress of OJT education of young employees and provide support and guidance. The Civil Engineering Division strengthens employees' management capability to reinforce productivity and the production system, in addition to "improvement of the working environment" and "securing of human resources."
Specifically, under the goal of "increasing the employees' capabilities at production sites," the "On the Job Training (OJT) education" is introduced and operated to enhance the capabilities of process management, design, estimation, negotiation and action, among others.

Building Meister System / HQ Staff's Coaching System (Building Construction Division)

OJT education provided by a meister

The "meister system" and the "HQ staff's coaching system" were put into practice from 2009 as part of the "TAISEI QUALITY" activities to promote the acquisition of skills and expertise in order to securely pass along our technologies and know-how, with the aim of strengthening productivity and the construction management system.
The employees appointed as meister and the executive staff of the Building Construction Division, with abundant on-site experience, make actual visits to the sites and provide education and guidance on the skills and quality/site management and other capabilities through OJT, in close contact with the young and middle-aged employees.

Development and Provision of Technologies for Social Issues

ISO 6.7.3 Fair marketing, factual and unbiased information and fair contractual practice
6.7.4 Protecting consumers' health and safety
6.7.5 Sustainable consumption
6.7.8 Access to essential services

Policy on Research and Development Activities

Under the basic policy of the Medium-term Business Plan (2015-2017), the Taisei Group implements technological development aimed at stable and sustainable growth, as well as obtaining high customer satisfaction by ensuring quality and safety.
In carrying out technological development, we actively promote alliances with various research university research organizations, companies in different industries, and other companies in the same industry, etc., in order to enhance investment efficiency in technological developments and to meet increasingly advanced and diverse technical needs.

Trend in Research and Development Expenditure

  2013 2014 2015 2016
Research and development costs ¥9.5 billion ¥10.6 billion ¥10.9 billion ¥11.1 billion

Results of Research and Development Activities

We actively pursue the protection and utilization of intellectual property assets, such as inventions and brands associated with our research and development, based on our intellectual property strategy. Our rate of registration of patent applications is very high at 90%, compared to the actual rate of registration of 71.5% for all types of industry in 2015.
We contribute significantly to the dissemination of Japanese research and development activities overseas, including the publication of 21 papers overseas in FY2016.
We aim to contribute to society through the development of new technologies based on the unity of our business strategy, our research and development strategy, and our intellectual property strategy, through technological support for our construction sites, and through our utilization of intellectual assets, etc.


Obtaining Rights to Technologies that Solve Social Issues

  • Intellectual Property Department, Taisei Technology Center

The Taisei Technology Center implements technological development and obtains the rights to technologies to solve social issues. In FY2016, 41 construction sites were visited to identify patentable technologies at these construction sites and obtained the rights to them.

Number of patent rights registered ・・・232 Cases
Number of Patent Applications Filed ・・・304 Cases