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For the Benefit of Community and Society

Contributions to Local Communities

ISO 6.8.3 Community involvement
6.8.4 Education and culture
6.8.5 Employment creation and skills
6.8.7 Wealth and income creation

Promotion of Social Contribution Activities

Taisei Corporation sets forth "communication with the local communities" under the Group Action Guidelines to establish a good relationship with the local communities and contribute to the development of the society as a good corporate citizen.
Taisei Corporation carries out various social contribution activities such as environmental beautification activities at the headquarters, the Technology Center and individual branches (including construction sites). At construction sites in particular, we implement a range of social contribution activities including environmental beautification activities, participating in and sponsoring local events, and holding visits to worksites. Through these social contribution activities, we hope to deepen understanding of the Company among local residents as well as to contribute to the development of the local community as one of its members.

Examples of Social Contribution Activities

Establishment of the Taisei Foundation

We established the Taisei Foundation in March 2017 in order to support the researchers who are realizing the Taisei Group Philosophy, "to create a vibrant environment for all members of society." The Taisei Foundation will endeavor to play a role in improving Japan's construction technologies by supporting new technological fields for the next generation (disaster prevention and mitigation technologies, ZEB technologies, compact city and smart community technologies, etc.).

Operation of Galerie Taisei

The purpose of Galerie Taisei is to spread construction culture by exhibiting architecture and paintings by Le Corbusier, whose works have been inscribed on the World Heritage List. Two exhibits were held in 2016. (The gallery is currently closed due to relocation.)

Grants from the Taisei Corporation Public Trust of Funds for Natural and Historic Environments

For 24 years, we have granted subsidies of ¥15 million each year (for a total 532 grants) to projects conducive to the preservation of the natural environment and others that are the common property of present and future humanity.

Held Workshop: "Gene-Con Girls! — Experience 'Putting my work on the map.'"

We took part in the "Summer Riko-challe" organized by the Cabinet Office and others for junior and senior high school students during their summer vacation. We conducted activities such as site visits, design workshops, and exchange events with science and engineering professionals to communicate the significance of science and engineering studies and the appeal of science and engineering careers.

3D design workshop

Future Session

Supporting "Giving Back to Borneo Project" through Automatic Vending Machines with Donation Function

We have installed automatic vending machines with a donation function at construction sites and other locations, and are donating part of the proceeds to the NPO Borneo Conservation Trust Japan. We support activities for the protection of Borneo elephants, which are in danger of extinction due to the reduction of Borneo's tropical rainforest.


Promotion of Social Contribution Activities

  • CSR Promotion Section, Corporate Communication Department, Corporate Planning Office

Taisei Corporation belongs to KEIDANREN's 1% Club and carries out various social contribution activities as a member of the local community.
In FY2016, our social contribution spending amounted to ¥653 million. We will continue to implement ongoing social contribution activities that contribute to the development of local communities.

Expenditures on social contribution activities ・・・653 millions of yen