Value Creation Model of the Taisei Group

The major objective of the Taisei Group's corporate activities is to contribute to advances in society in a sustained manner by developing a safe and comfortable living environment under the Group philosophy of "To Create a Vibrant Environment for All Members of Society." With the aim of creating new value to be passed on to the next generation, we faithfully seek to resolve social challenges and implement a new business model featuring sustainability and growth potential.

(1) The Taisei Group's Mission to Realize a "Sustainable and Better World."


Our Vision towards a Sustainable Future Society and What the Taisei Group Must Do Now to Turn It into a Reality

In 2015, the United Nations unveiled its "Sustainable Development Goals" (SDGs) with 2030 as the deadline year, holding the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) as an international meeting.
All of us desire to realize a "Sustainable and Better World." In what ways can the Taisei Group contribute to society through its corporate activities? The Group will continue to fulfill its mission for society aggressively as a leading company in the construction industry.

(2) Value-Creating Business Model


Seek to Resolve Social Challenges Faithfully and Grow Hand in Hand with Society while Enhancing Our Growth Potential

The Taisei Group supports the entire construction life cycle from planning and design to work implementation and from operation and management to maintenance and preservation, and works continuously with customers to pursue capacity building*2.
We help society develop sustainably by making social contributions through business activities, while seeking to resolve social challenges and promoting the three strengths we possess.

(3) Resolve Social Challenges through Business Activities


Use Accumulated Technologies for Resolving Social Challenges

We believe that, to contribute to resolving diverse social challenges, it is important to continue to endeavor to "deep cultivation of our primary business of construction," in a sustained manner.
The Taisei Group will endeavor to resolve social challenges through its business activities by maximally exercising its strengths in the Building Construction, Civil Engineering, and Real Estate Development business segments.

(4) Value to Be Delivered to Society


Resolve Social Challenges while Maximizing Value Provided

We are involved in projects from single family housing to social infrastructure, while facing social challenges. We will turn the Taisei Group Philosophy into reality by delivering value to our stakeholders, while communicating with all of them.

1 Five aspects that symbolically integrate 17 objectives and 169 targets under the SDGs (from the preamble of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development)

2 Capacity building: An activity to form, improve, and build organizational capabilities and basic capacity