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Improvements for a Safe and Hygienic Working Environment

ISO 6.4.6 Health and safety at work
6.4.7 Human development and training in the workplace

Improving Health and Safety Standards

Health and Safety Policy

Based on the ideal of "Safety First," Taisei Corporation works hard to ensure safety in a tangible form day to day in concerted efforts among its employees, group companies and specialist contractors. We are committed to this under the "Health and Safety Policy,"* which the President indicates by systematizing and organizing the "Taisei Occupational Health and Safety Management System" (TAISEI OHSMS), to eliminate accidents and damage and prevent third-party accidents.

Health and Safety Policy

We systematically implement TAISEI OHSMS, our occupational health and safety management system, as the basis for managing the health and safety of our employees.
We are committed to improving the working environment for our employees under the maxim "Safety First", and aim to win the trust and understanding of society at large.

  1. Achievement of zero fatal accidents Achievement of zero fatal accidents is an important task in order for the Company to fulfill its social responsibility. All those concerned will apply their full efforts with a sense of responsibility towards achieving zero fatal accidents.
  2. Preventing third-party hazards We must not create any hazards for the general public.
    For construction projects in urban areas in particular, we will draw up a plan focusing on the prevention of third-party hazards and thoroughly enforce it.
  3. Improving health and safety standards We will properly implement and manage a cycle consisting of "planning -implementation - inspection - improvement" in accordance with the TAISEI OHSMS occupational health and safety management system, and conduct a risk assessment as well as any necessary measures resulting from it. Thus, we will endeavor to demonstrably reduce risk in the workplace, as well as strive to educate those involved with worksites about health and safety, and continuously improve our health and safety standards.
    Based on the principles described above, all of our employees and the employees of related specialty contractors will combine their expertise and commitment to safety.
    Working with the conviction that "every hazard can be avoided", together we will proactively develop our health and safety management activities.

Formulated in July 2005. Final revision in January 2009.


TAISEI OHSMS is established based on the safety and health management techniques and know-how which Taisei Corporation has accumulated over many years. Using this system as a platform, the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle is properly implemented to prevent accidents and damage.
In addition, the health and safety management standards are improved through risk assessments of the results of "audits" of the actions under the "Health and Safety Management Policy."



Zero Fatal Accidents Achieved during the Construction Work of the Noi Bai Airport, Vietnam

During the construction work of the No. 2 Terminal Building, Noi Bai International Airport, which Taisei Corporation conducted over a period of 34 months, zero fatal accidents were achieved thanks to the comprehensive management of the sites and safety education.
Utmost caution was paid to the health and safety management at the sites and "repeated education" was provided. In Vietnam, where the practice of a morning meeting was not seen, training for accident prediction was conducted at each worksite to raise awareness of safety among the construction site workers. Taisei Corporation has established a Safety Administration and Environmental Department in the International Operations Headquarters in order to strengthen the health and safety management and the response to environmental conservation on overseas construction sites.

The weekly safety meeting with 3,000 attendants at the peak time

Horizontal Propagation of Accident and Damage Prevention

Implementation of Construction Site Safety Patrols

Construction site patrols are introduced to ensure comprehensive health and safety management based on TAISEI OHSMS. In addition, to make sure that senior management's firm resolution to implement the ideal of "Safety First" and the "prevention of accidents and damage" is instilled among all the construction site workers, the President himself conducted safety patrols of the building construction and civil engineering sites and encouraged each construction site worker to "protect their fellow workers in earnest."

The President's patrol

Implementation of Health and Safety Education

In October 2015, Taisei Corporation created a DVD for safety education with the cooperation of the Taisei Health, Safety, and Environment Cooperation Joint Association to improve the effect of health and safety education and provide it at the same level to a wide range of workers. The contents of the DVD include visual and audio materials to stimulate understanding and sympathy from the perspective of construction site workers, especially directed at newcomers and foremen, and the President's personal message calling for prevention of accidents and damage at the end of the program.

Cooperation with the Specialist Contractors (cooperating companies)

The President's award ceremony

Taisei Corporation closely cooperates with the Taisei Health, Safety, and Environment Cooperation Association, which consists of specialist contractors all over Japan, to prevent accidents and damage.
In addition, for National Safety Week in July 2015, the President's award ceremony was held to recognize specialist contractors' great contributions to the improvement of health and safety management.

Establishment of Various Foremen Systems

In the civil engineering field, the system for rewards for excellent civil engineering skilled workers, under which a reward is paid to the workers with excellent construction skills who contribute to construction work at the sites of Taisei Corporation, is introduced to improve the overall capabilities, including quality, safety and skills.
In the building construction field, a system for the highest quality foremen was newly established upon partial revision to the first-class foremen system during FY 2015 to further improve the foremen's construction management capability, including quality, skills and safety to strengthen the production system.

Category Name of system Amount of payment Time for certification / Number of certified persons Subject Start of system
Civil engineering System for reward to excellent civil engineering skilled workers (BMT*) ¥2,000
per day
(each December) /
109 workers
Skilled workers who meet the specified requirements including qualifications All over Japan January 1, 2013
Building construction System for first-class foremen (partially revised) ¥1,000
per day
Each April /
742 foremen
Same as above April 1995
Building construction System for highest quality foremen ¥3,000
per day
Each April /
30 foremen
Same as above November 2015

BMT: Best Meister of Taisei


Improvement of the Health and Safety Standards

  • Subcontractor Relations & Safety Administration Department, Safety Administration Division

The Company's safety results for FY 2015 included the occurrence of 98 lost time accidents (including accidents of subcontractors), of which 68 required lost time of 4 days or more, and 2 fatalities. Also the frequency rates was 0.56.

Number of Fatal Accidents ・・・2cases
Frequency Rates ・・・0.56