Social Report

Creating a Workplace Where Everyone Enjoys Their Work

Respect for Human Rights

ISO 6.3.3 Due diligence
6.3.4 Human rights risk situations
6.3.5 Avoidance of complicity

Our Human Rights Policy

The Taisei Group has expressed its commitment to basic human rights by including "respect for basic human rights and diversity" in the Group Action Guidelines. The Group also developed the Human Rights Policy* last year with reference to international human rights standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the eight fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the ISO 26000 as well as the International Code of Conducts to prohibit child labor, compulsory labor and discrimination in employment and occupation and guarantee the right of association and the right to bargain collectively.

Human Rights Policy

To fulfill the Taisei Group Philosophy ’to create a vibrant environment for all members of society' the Taisei Corporation commits to building a corporate culture that respects human rights. To achieve this we have created a Human Rights Policy based on the Taisei Group Action Guidelines. We base our Human Rights Policy on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILO’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and ISO 26000.

  1. We strive to create an open-minded, non discriminatory corporate culture.
  2. We respect fundamental human rights and the diversity of individuals. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexuality, nationality, social status or disability, nor do we allow any action in violation of human rights, such as sexual harassment or abuse of authority.
  3. We strive to create an employee friendly workplace and will not tolerate any forms of harassment.
  4. We respect local culture and customs. We prohibit child and forced labor. We strive to ensure our working and employment practices are free from discrimination in each country where we operate.
  5. We provide human rights training and work to raise awareness of human rights amongst our executives and staff on a continuous basis.

Formulated in October 2015.

Consultation Services for Human Rights and Monitoring

To prevent abuses of human rights and harassment from occurring, we engage in human rights promotion activities rooted in each workplace by assigning a person in charge of consultation services in each department in the Company and posting a human rights promotion poster at business sites.
We also respond appropriately to problems through a whistleblowing system (helpline) and investigating the facts while giving consideration to the protection of whistle-blowers.

Human Rights Management System

As a system to promote human rights, we established the "Taisei Human Rights Awareness Promotion Committee" which consists of the Promotion Committee members in each division at the head office and all the branches in 1984 for the purpose of encouraging employees to develop their character and a higher awareness of human rights. In the Committee, basic polices and activity plans are created and reviewed, and achievements in the previous fiscal year are reported. Through the initiatives deliberated and approved at the Committee, we aim to improve awareness for human rights on a group-wide basis.

Taisei Corporation Human Rights Awareness Promotion Committee

Human Rights Promotion Activities

In fiscal 2015, we provided e-learning and group training for all employees by incorporating human rights training in the basic education system for each layer and department of the employees. The number of group training sessions held was 25, with 809 employees taking the training. We also operated human rights education programs, including talks from outside speakers.

  Targets Human rights promotion activities
Japan All employees e-learning, group training and the posting of human rights promotion articles in in-house newsletters
All employees, employees of the Group companies and their family members The solicitation and commendation of human rights slogans and essays
Overseas Employees before overseas assignment Human rights training before overseas assignment
Overseas work sites and specialist contractors (Taiwan) Promotion of CSR procurement (see p.54)

Creating a Pleasant Workplace

ISO 6.3.6 Resolving grievances
6.3.9 Economic, social and cultural rights
6.4.4 Conditions of work and social protection
GRI G4-11,LA-4

Promotion of Work-Life Balance

We are pursuing a number of measures to encourage all employees to recognize diversity and enjoy their work. We are seeking to make effective use of limited time and the realization of work-life balance.

Promoted items Content of activities
Shorter working hours
  • Adoption of company-wide "no overtime days"
  • Implementation of action plans to achieve the target for the number of leave days taken
  • Implementation of business improvement activities by establishing the shorter working hours conference in April 2015
  • Working with the employees' union to develop ideas for shorter working hours
Childcare support
  • Development of a childcare and family-care leave system and a short-time working system beyond the legal requirements
  • Support for the smooth return to work of employees on childcare leave: holding of a meeting and a skills improvement course for employees on childcare leave and the implementation of a three-person meeting before the leave and the return to work
  • Implementation of work-life balance support seminars to build a cooperative framework for household chores and childcare at home
  • Creation of a temporary day-care center during training and seminars
  • Acquisition of the Kurumin Mark four times for our sustained efforts in childcare support
Nursing-care support
  • Provision of information by implementing nursing-care seminars
  • Individual consulting meetings with outside organizations where professional consultation is available
  • Distribution of leaflets for the purpose of providing information on systems and consultation services
  • Promotion of taking of annual paid leave, refreshment leave and long-service leave
  • Enhancement of the welfare program
  • Retirement benefit system (lump sum grants and defined contribution pension)
  • Employee stock ownership plan

Initiatives for Childcare Support for Male Employees

To encourage the participation of males in childcare, we have published the Papa News six times in total since September 2015, distributing it to about 4,000 male employees with small children and their supervisors.

Health of Employees

As a method for promoting the health of employees, we encourage workers who displayed symptoms in a health checkup to see a doctor. We also ensure that overworked employees meet with a doctor. As a measure for mental health, we encourage meetings by special staff and support the return to work by setting up EAP*1 consultation offices within the Company and external organizations so that the employees and their family members are able to consult fully with expert staff on their problems.

1 EAP: Employee Assistance Program

Labor-Management Relations

Taisei Corporation has a Union Shop Agreement*2 with its employees union, and all 7,279 employees, except for management, belong to the union. The Company conducts various questionnaires and dialogues between labor and management every year for the purpose of facilitating labor-management relations and the business activities of the Company.
Changes in working conditions are determined in advance through discussion between labor and management.

2 Union Shop: A system that requires all employees to join the labor union upon their employment with the company.

Details of major initiatives between the labor and management

  • Holding of a workshop to understand the leave system of the Company in preparation for nursing care
  • Running of a campaign to promote the leave system for all employees
  • Business improvement activities for shorter working hours and working-style reforms
  • Education and promotional activities to deepen understanding of the corporate pension system

Personnel data in fiscal 2015

  2012 2013 2014 2015
Number of employees
7,945 7,951 8,007 8,072
Number of female employees 1,238 1,230 1,228 1,270
Number of foreign employees 37 41 66 75
Average age 42.7 42.8 42.9 42.8
Average service years 19.1 19.1 19.0 18.8
Average annual salary (million yen) 8.70 8.78 8.91 9.18
Turnover rate of new graduates employed after 3 years (%) Joining the Company
in 2009
Joining the Company
in 2010
Joining the Company
in 2011
Joining the Company
in 2012


Human Rights Promotion Activities / Promotion of Work-Life Balance

  • Personnel Department, Business Administration Division

In fiscal 2015, we implemented e-learning training and group training on the subject of "’Company and Human Rights,' the History of Human Rights Promotion Activities of Taisei Corporation" for all the employees. With respect to the number of users of leave and vacations for childcare, the number of female and male employees who took childcare leave was 91 and 4, respectively, with the number of male users increasing, and the rate of return to work of female employees was 100%.

Rate of Attendance at Human Rights Training ・・・93.8%
Rate of Returning to Work from Childcare Leave (female) ・・・100%

Diversity Management

ISO 6.3.7 Discrimination and social protection
6.3.10 Fundamental principles and rights at work
6.4.3 Employment and employment relationships

Promotion of Diversity Management

We received the Diversity Management Selection 100 in 2015.

As one of the evolutions of the management infrastructure in the Medium-term Business Plan, we aim to encourage diversity management, focusing on creating a workplace in which employees are able to take the most active possible role, taking advantage of their diversity in terms of sex, nationality, disability, values, the way of working and career.

Supporting Active Roles for Senior Personnel and Physically Challenged Employees

Taisei Corporation secures the working conditions of employees based on the Group Action Guidelines and laws and regulations.
We work to enhance the reemployment system every year for senior personnel with a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills who can pass on their know-how to the next generation and continue to play an active role.
We also employ physically challenged workers as part of our social responsibility and achieved an employment rate of 2.08%, higher than the statutory employment rate, in fiscal 2015. These employees take an active role in various fields after employment, irrespective of disability, and we give them consideration for their work, such as sign language and summary scripts, and provide consultation and support to encourage their retention.
We also introduced the Global Human Resource System in October 2015, in which foreign engineers who were employed for individual projects are switched to long-term employment. We develop human resources who will play a key role in overseas operations by continuing to provide foreign engineers with opportunities.

Support of Female and Foreign Employees for Their Active Roles

Taisei Corporation has been continuously working to create a pleasant workplace for female employees since fiscal 2006. In April 2016, we set targets of "tripling the number of female managers by 2020" and "raising the percentage of female engineers to 10% or more by 2025" as an action plan based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace. We will continue to pursue various initiatives to achieve the targets.
We provide foreign employees and their supervisors with training to understand values and culture and learn specific communication methods. We also distribute a guidebook that summarizes know-how, aiming to deepen mutual understanding.

Creating a corporate environment in which female employees can work at ease


Chung Wei-Yu Sales Manager, Taipei Office
Contributing to business development in Taiwan, taking advantage of the identity of Taisei Corporation

In 1988 when I joined Taisei Corporation, the Company moved into Taiwan in earnest. This year marks the 28th anniversary of the start of its operations in Taiwan.
During this time, we have built major station buildings along the Taiwan High Speed Rail, large private hotels, office buildings and luxury condominiums and earned the confidence of customers by respecting Taiwanese culture and customs and providing high quality as a Japanese general contractor. In Taiwan where the reputation for the quality of Japanese products is well established, the Taisei Brand has taken root, and local customers seeking our construction are our mainstay business. Japanese and Taiwanese jointly work under a system in which sales, administration and construction are independent but at the same time mutually complementary, and I feel proud that our office is the most localized base among the overseas bases of the Company.
Playing a role as a bridge between Japan and Taiwan will remain essential for the Company to continue to earn a high degree of trust in Taiwan.
I aim to provide a high level of customer satisfaction and contribute to Taiwanese society by using the know-how and technical capabilities of the Company in a comprehensive manner.

Promotion of the Development of Human Resources

ISO 6.3.8 Civil and political rights
6.4.7 Human development and training in the workplace

Support for Career-Building

We provide employees with comprehensive training in each phase after joining the Company to develop self-directed human resources with specialty, creativity and independence.

Human resource development image

1 Strengthening of leadership and management as a core manager

2 Step-up training for managerial personnel

Support for Qualification Acquisition

Taisei Corporation helps all employees improve skills in their area of work, by supporting their acquisition of qualifications, in order to develop engineers and managers with strong specializations.

Examples of support for qualification acquisition

Construction work Civil engineering work
  • First-class architect
  • First-class building operation and management engineer
  • First-class plumbing work operation and management engineer
  • Building mechanical and electrical engineer
  • Professional engineer
  • First-class civil engineering works execution managing engineer
  • Chief concrete engineer
  • Certified chief managing engineer for dam construction
Design International
  • First-class architect
  • First-class architect in structural design
  • First-class architect in facility design
  • US licensed architect
  • Licensed architect
  • Professional engineer
  • Project management professional
  • APEC architect / engineer
Development Engineering
  • The Association for Real Estate Securitization certified master
  • Redevelopment planner
  • Professional engineer
  • Professional engineer
  • First-class plumbing work operation and management engineer
  • First-class electrical work operation and management engineer
  • Construction industry accountant
  • Registered real-estate broker


Promoting Diversity Management / Supporting Employee Career Formation

  • Personnel Department, Business Administration Division

We strive to enhance corporate value through the development of employees' abilities by offering a range of training sessions, including annual training for all employees and sessions for global human resources, career vision and the development of leadership for female employees. Training hours per capita in fiscal 2015 came to 44.6 hours.

Numbers Attending Female Leadership Development Training ・・・66people
Training Hours Per Person ・・・44.6hours