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Our Pride in Quality

Ensuring Quality and Improving Customer Satisfaction

ISO 6.7.3 Fair marketing, factual and unbiased information and fair contractual practice
6.7.4 Protecting consumers' health and safety

Quality Policy and System

Under the slogan of "ensuring and improving safety and quality" stated in the Group Action Guidelines, Taisei Corporation Group formulates the "Quality Policy,"* which governs our corporate activities.
We obtained ISO 9001 certification in 1996 for the first time in the Japanese construction industry. We operates and establish a quality management system covering from design and construction to after handover in order to provide customers with construction products and after-sales service with safety and comfort.
Additionally, in conjunction with the quality management system, "TAISEI QUALITY" activities have been implemented since 2009 to ensure thorough awareness and application of the quality management standards and procedures within the entire group.

Quality Policy

We pursue business activities centered around our core strengths in construction and engineering services under the Taisei Group Philosophy of "to create a vibrant environment for all members of society." We aim to contribute to society by developing a safe and comfortable infrastructure and living environment, and to evolve continuously as a company.
Our key mission is to provide our clients and society with high-quality construction products and related services in an efficient and stable manner.
To achieve this mission, we will pursue our business activities according to the following Norms of Conduct.

  1. To provide high-quality, high-performance construction products, we will promote research and development of advanced technologies that anticipate future social needs.
  2. In providing construction products and related services, we will meet the requirements of our clients while complying with the relevant contractual terms, laws, regulations, and standards.
  3. To maintain and improve the quality and performance of our construction products on a long-term basis, we will provide the necessary services throughout the lifecycle of the products.
  4. To ensure that the quality of our construction products and related services is maintained and improved, we will continue to maintain and enhance our quality management system.

Formulated in July 2005.

Provision of High-Quality Construction Products and Related Services

Establishment of the Construction Auditing Office
To ensure higher quality and safety, and objective construction auditing in design and building projects, Taisei Corporation established the office of first-class architects which specializes in construction auditing operations. The office started its operations from April 1 with 70 experts in design, structure and facilities who are dedicated to construction auditing under the basic policy that "customer satisfaction and trust shall be secured by providing ’high-quality construction products and related services' meeting the demands of customers and society."
Implementation of Survey of Customer Satisfaction
Taisei Corporation's Civil Engineering Division and Building Construction Division conduct surveys of customer satisfaction after delivery and the results thereof are reflected in follow-up construction meetings to eliminate complaints in concerted efforts among the headquarters and branches.
In addition, the Marketing & Sales Division, which has direct contact with customers, also gives CS (customer satisfaction) interviews and questionnaires to ensure proper quality management and eliminate any defects in quality, in cooperation with the relevant divisions.


Quality Management System for Improvement of Customer Satisfaction

  • Civil Engineering Division / Building Construction Division

The Civil Engineering Division conducted surveys of customer satisfaction 74 times in the form of CS interviews. The implementation rate of survey of customer satisfaction conducted after building handover was 100%. The Building
Construction Division showed the rate of return of customer satisfaction survey questionnaires at 75%.

Customer satisfaction surveys*
Civil Engineering
Customer satisfaction surveys*
Building Construction

Rate of implementation of survey of customer satisfaction conducted after building handover (Civil Engineering) and rate of return of customer satisfaction survey questionnaires (Building Construction)


ISO 6.7.3 Fair marketing, factual and unbiased information and fair contractual practice
6.7.4 Protecting consumers' health and safety

Hitozukuri (development of human resources) for Monozukuri (precise, superb craftsmanship)

Educational Supporter System

The Civil Engineering Division strengthens the employees' management capability to reinforce the productivity and the production system, in addition to "improvement of the working environment" and "securing of human resources." Specifically, under the goal of "increasing the employees' capabilities of production sites," the "On the Job Training (OJT) education" and the "educational supporter system" are introduced and operated to enhance the capabilities of process management, design, estimation, negotiation and action, among others.
Under the "educational supporter system" introduced from 2009, the educational supporters appointed from among the employees with experience as construction site managers check the progress of OJT education of young employees and provide support and guidance. In addition, through the supporters' interviews with the construction site managers, advice on the method of guidance and the content of education for the construction site workers is provided to remove any differences in education among the construction sites, standardize the contents of guidance and improve the capabilities of education and guidance of the construction site managers. Furthermore, through follow-up with the construction site managers with less experience, toughness of the construction site managers, which is required for the on-site leaders, is developed.

Building Meister System / HQ Staff's Coaching System

The Building Construction Division strengthens the productivity and the production system based on the lessons learned from their experiences in the busy time during the period of the economic bubble, when the young employees assigned to the construction sites were pressed with work in construction management thereby acquisition of skills and expertise were inadequate. Accordingly, it is commonly recognized that efforts should be focused on the education and development of young employees, in addition to the securing of human resources. To securely hand over our technologies and know-how, the "meister system" and the "HQ staff's coaching system" were put into practice from 2009 as part of the "TAISEI QUALITY" activities.
The employees appointed as meister and the executive staff of the Building Construction Division, with abundant on-site experience, make actual visits to the sites and provide education and guidance on the skills and quality/site management and other capabilities through OJT, in close contact with the young and middle-aged employees. In addition, our efforts are also focused on training for the education of the on-site staff who work with the employees.


For "Hitozukuri (development of human resources)" Supporting the National Economic Development

Taisei Corporation accepts foreign technical intern trainees, whom specialist contractors employ, as the prime contractor. Especially for the Vietnamese technical intern trainees, we visit, inspect and evaluate the local sending organizations, make recommendations to the specialist contractors together with the partner supervising groups and actively accept the trainees at specified model sites. The purpose of this activity is to promote the overseas transfer of the Japan's construction technologies and to address and aid in the issue of the shortage of skilled construction workers for the specialist contractors.
In addition, through the active recruitment of foreign engineers and the assignment of the engineers from the overseas group companies (TAISEI (THAILAND) CO., LTD., TAISEI PHILIPPINE CONSTRUCTION INCORPORATED) to domestic construction sites, the working environment of foreign technical intern trainees is improved and competent engineers who play a core part in the overseas business are developed.

Innovation Management

ISO 6.7.5 Sustainable consumption

Policy on Research and Development Activities

Taisei Corporation Group implements technological development for the solution of social issues toward stable and sustainable growth, as well as obtaining high customer satisfaction under the Group Action Guidelines, which set forth "challenge to value creation," "pursuit of customer satisfaction" and "ensuring and improving safety and quality."
In addition, under the Taisei Group Medium-Term Business Plan, which emphasizes active contribution to the enhancement of the social infrastructure and promotion of next generation technological developments, we actively promote alliances with various university research organizations, companies in different industries, and other companies in the same industry, etc., in order to enhance the investment efficiency in technological developments and to meet increasing advanced and diverse technical needs.
Expenditure on research and development in FY 2015 was ¥11 billion. Our research and development activities are described on pages 21 and 22.

Trend in research and development expenditure

  2012 2013 2014 2015
Research and
development costs
¥9.0 billion ¥9.5 billion ¥11.0 billion ¥11.0 billion
Turnover ¥1,416.4 billion ¥1,533.4 billion ¥1,573.2 billion ¥1,545.8 billion

Results of Research and Development Activities

We actively pursue the protection and utilization of intellectual property assets, such as inventions and brands associated with our research and development, based on our intellectual property strategy. The rate of registration of patent applications is very high at 91%, as compared to the actual rate of registration of 69.3% for all types of industry for FY 2014 (according to the Japan Patent Office Annual Report 2015).
In addition, Taisei Corporation was ranked the first (for three consecutive years) in the "ranking of patent assets scale for the general contractor industry"* of Patent Result Co., Ltd., which shows the degree of attention of individual patents registered for one year until the end of March 2015 in the form of total points by company.
We aim to contribute to society through the development of new technologies based on the unity of our business strategy, our research and development strategy, and our intellectual property strategy, through technological support for our construction sites, and through our utilization of intellectual assets, etc.

Ranking: the scale of patent assets is an index to judge the overall capabilities of the patents (whose patent registration is approved by the Patent Office without lapse or expiry and waiver) in the possession of companies and identified as the "patent assets."


Obtaining Rights to Technologies that Solve Social Issues

  • Intellectual Property Department, Technology Center

The Technology Center obtains the rights to technologies and implements technological development for solutions to social issues. In FY 2015, 36 construction sites were visited to identify patentable technologies at these construction sites and obtained the rights to them.

Number of Patents Right ・・・192
Number of Patent Applications Filed ・・・307