Social Report

For the Benefit of Community and Society

Contributions to Local Communities

ISO 6.8.3 Community involvement
6.8.4 Education and culture
6.8.5 Employment creation and skills
6.8.7 Wealth and income creation

Promotion of Social Contribution Activities

Taisei Corporation sets forth "communication with the local communities" under the Group Action Guidelines to establish a good relationship with the local communities and contribute to development of the society as a good corporate citizen.
Taisei Corporation actively participates in social contribution activities as a member of local communities, including environmental beautification and other various activities at the headquarters, the Technology Center and individual branches and construction sites. The number of social contribution activities that we participated in for FY 2015 was 1,116 (total for previous fiscal year 1,308).
Taisei Corporation Group will continue to participate in social contribution activities by making the most of our strengths.

Number of social contribution activities(FY 2015)

Activity item Example of main activities Number of activities
Local contributions Cleaning and snow removal in the local region 207
Development of "eco-cap" campaigns 274
Participation in local events, etc. 181
Others (including disaster recovery support) 152
Environmental conservation Ecosystem conservation volunteers 26
Environmental conservation activities such as CO2 reduction, etc. 113
Academic, cultural activities Holding visits to construction sites and providing lecturers, etc. 81
Acceptance of interns 82
Total 1,116

Examples of Social Contribution Activities

  • Donation of ¥20 million in total as relief funds for the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, which were offered at will from the officers and employees of Taisei Corporation and its group companies, including the former officers and employees thereof and Taisei Corporation. (Whole Corporation)
  • Grant of a subsidy of ¥15 million for projects conducive to the preservation of the natural environment and historic buildings (to 503 organizations in total) using the "Taisei Corporation Public Trust of Funds for Natural and Historic Environments" every year from 1993. (Head office)
  • Galerie Taisei (Yokohama City)

    Spreading construction culture through the works of Le Corbusier at Galerie Taisei (Yokohama City). (Head office)
  • Participation in the "Tokyo Green Ship Action" organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, cooperation in the natural environmental conservation of the Mt. Nanakuni green preservation area in Machida City, with involvement from the employees of Taisei Corporation Group and their family members. (Head office)
  • Participation in creating nest boxes for dormice (tree-dwelling rodents), a protected species, with employees and their family members, and cooperation with the Animal-Pathway Research Society (general incorporated association) and the Animal-pathway & Wildlife Association. (Head office)
  • Installation of automatic vending machines with a donation function and donation of part of the proceeds thereof (approximately ¥20 million in aggregate) to the Borneo Conservation Trust Japan (BCTJ) which is a nonprofit organization to support the activities for the protection of Borneo elephants, which are a threatened species. (Whole Corporation)


Promotion of Social Contribution Activities / Expansion of Employee Volunteers

  • CSR Promotion Section, Corporate Communication Department, Corporate Planning Office

In FY 2015 social contribution activities have been carried out at construction sites, etc., in close contact with their communities, in accordance with set targets, including visits to construction sites, etc. for promotion of our business activities.
In addition, our employees and their families are provided opportunities for participation in volunteer activities to contribute to the environment and society.

Number of Environmental and Social Contribution Activities ・・・1,116cases
Number of Employees Participating as Volunteers ・・・199people