Major Projects

Domestic Projects

GRACIA Chofu / Chofu PARCO A-Parking Bldg.
  • Redevelopment

The project is a commercial facility and condominium building located at the North Exit of Chofu Station.
We coordinated development of the central urban area and rejuvenation of the community around the station by locating the Keio Line track underground, creating a lively area with many activities.

Client Condominium: Chofu Station North First A-Area Redevelopment Union
Parking facility: Chofu Station North First B-Area Redevelopment
Individual Executor
Designer Condominium: Urban Dynamics Institute TAKAHA
Parking facility: Taisei Corporation
Year completed 2015
Location Chofu City, Tokyo

Shinagawa Season Terrace
  • Development

We renovated the Tokyo metropolitan government's sewage treatment facility and constructed an office and commercial complex building in a space above the facility for an environmentally friendly project that connects nature and human activities in a wide open space.

Recipient of President Award from Parks & Open Space Association of Japan in Urban Parks Concour

Client NTT Urban Development Corporation, Taisei Corporation, Hulic Co., Ltd., Tokyo Urban Development Co. Ltd., Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Sewerage
Designer NTT Facilities, Taisei Corporation, NTT Urban Development Corporation, Nihon Suiko Sekkei Co., Ltd.
Year completed 2015
Location Minato-ku, Tokyo

Esforta Arena Hachioji
  • PFI

For Hachioji's first PFI project, we proposed specific details about administrative operations for soliciting conventions and events that can attract more visitors, as well as ensuring the security of the long-term project. The proposal's contents and feasibility were highly evaluated.

Client Hachioji Yumeori Support K.K.
Project owner Hachioji City
Designer Azusa-Taisei Design JV
Year completed 2014
Location Hachioji City, Tokyo

Ehime Prefectural Central Hospital
  • PFI

While maintaining hospital functions at the site, we demolished and reconstructed the building for an ongoing PFI project that provides maintenance and administration services until March 2033. The project delivers high-quality hospital management services efficiently, effectively, and consistently by incorporating the latest medical technologies with medical functions.

Recipient of the 27th Electrical Installation Engineers of Japan Technology Department, Facility Encouragement Award

Client Ehime Hospital Partners
Project owner Ehime Prefecture
Designer Taisei Corporation - Nikken Sekkei JV
Year completed 2014
Location Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture