Major Projects

Overseas Projects

Outer Circular Highway (OCH) to the City of Colombo Project Northern Section 1 from Kadawatha to Kaduwela(Greater Colombo Urban Transport Development Project)

Sri Lanka Expressway Construction is Relieving Traffic Congestion and Supporting Local Economic Development

Taisei constructed the 8.9 km main line and 1.9 km interchange at the north section of the 29km long outer circular road connecting the Colombo-Katunayake Expressway, which links downtown Colombo and the airport to the Southern Expressway. Completion of a four-lane road is expected to relieve traffic congestion in Colombo, as well as support local economic development in Sri Lanka.

Designer Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd., Taisei Corporation
Year completed 2015
Location Kadawatha to Kadwela, Western Province, Republic of Sri Lanka

Bosphorus Strait Crossing Railway Tunnel

In Turkey, we completed the world's first Asia- Europe intercontinental undersea tunnel, which was a national-level mega-project. Using the sunken tube method in one of the fastest ocean currents in the world, we successfully formed the world's deepest immersed tunnel (depth from the surface: 60 m).

Recipient of JCI Technology Award from Japan Concrete Institute

Client General Directorate of Railways Ports and Airports Construction (DLH), Turkish Ministry of Transport
Designer Taisei Corporation, Gama, Nurol JV
Year completed 2014
Location Istanbul City, Republic of Turkey

Singapore Downtown Line (907)

Taisei has constructed the stage 1 section 907 portion of Downtown Line, the longest Mass Rapid Transit line in Singapore, with a length of 40 km and 33 stations. The lump-sum construction contract, which included Downtown Station and the cut and cover tunnels to the west and east sides, helps to enhance Singapore's rail network.

Client Singapore Land Transport Authority
Designer AECOM Singapore Pte Ltd
Year completed 2013
Location Marina Bay area, Republic of Singapore

Domestic Projects

Box Culvert Construction of Ken-O Expressway (Okegawa-Kitamoto District No. 1)

To Relieve Traffic Congestion and Improve the Environment in Central Tokyo, We Are Introducing a New Technology Called the "Harmonica Tunneling Method*" for Underground Interchanges

We have constructed 1,130 m of the 4.7 km section between Okegawa-Kitamoto IC and Okegawa-Kano IC on the Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway (Ken-O Expressway). To avoid adverse impacts on the surroundings, it was completed in a short period using the "Harmonica Tunneling Method*" at the intersection with General National Highway 17. The expressway bypasses central Tokyo, and is expected to ease traffic congestion and improve the environment in the Tokyo area.

Recipient of Innovative Technique Award from Japan Society of Civil Engineers

Client Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Kanto Regional Development Bureau
Designer Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Kanto Regional Development Bureau, Taisei Corporation
Year completed 2015
Location Kitamoto City,to Okegawa City, Saitama Prefecture

Harmonica Tunneling Method: A tunneling method for large-tunnels that combines several smaller shield tunnels.

Improvement work for Kinki Expressway Kisei Line Esumi and Other Sections

Taisei completed major embankment work (height: approx. 90 m) at Susami IC on the Kisei Main Line of the Kinki Expressway in the Kinan Region, Wakayama Prefecture. By observing the dynamics of local mountains and applying the prediction analysis method, we ensured the quality of the embankment, as well as the safety of workers, while reducing the construction period.

Recipient of Innovative Technique Award from Kansai Chapter, Japan Society of Civil Engineers

Client, Designer Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Kinki Regional Development Bureau
Year completed 2015
Location Susami Town, Nishimuro District, Wakayama Prefecture

Trans-Hokkaido Expressway Kuneppu-Daiichi Ponketonai River Bridge Superstructure

We constructed the superstructure of the Trans-Hokkaido Expressway bridge over Prefectural Road 143 (length: 192 m). Cold-weather concreting work to ensure the quality required for severe cold weather was completed after a full year construction.

Client, Designer Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Hokkaido Development Bureau
Year completed 2015
Location Kunneppu Town, Tokoro District, Hokkaido