Improvement of Safety and Health Standards

6.4.6 Health and safety at work
6.4.7 Human development and training in the workplace

Safety and Health Policy

Based on the ideal of "Safety First", since 2001 Taisei has been operating the Taisei Occupational Health and Safety Management System (TAISEI OHSMS)" for systematic and organized safety and health management companywide, with the aim of continuous improvement in safety and health standards.

Health and Safety Policy*

We systematically implement TAISEI OHSMS, our occupational health and safety management system, as the basis for managing the health and safety of our employees. We are committed to improving the working environment for our employees under the maxim "Safety First," and aim to win the trust and understanding of society at large.

  • Eradicating occupational accidents and hazards
  • Preventing third-party hazards
  • Improving health and safety standards

*Issued by the name of CEO


TAISEI OHSMS has been systematically formulated by Taisei Corporation with basic items of voluntary occupational safety and health management activities and their interrelationships. Using this system as a platform, the PDCA (plan-do-check-improve) cycle is properly implemented to prevent accidents and damage.



Thorough Familiarization with Quality Control Standard and Procedures

The company's safety results for FY 2014 included the occurrence of 147 lost time accidents, of which 113 required lost time of 4 days or more, and 4 fatalities.
Also the frequency rate was 0.97.
The targets for FY 2015 are zero fatalities and a frequency rate of 0.95 or less, and we aim to achieve these targets by implementing easy to understand safety measures having high impact.

Frequency Rates


Horizontal Propagation of Accident and Damage Prevention


Implementation of Construction Site Safety Patrols

Construction site controls are implemented in order to Cooperation Association thoroughly implement safety and health management based on TAISEI OHSMS. By analyzing the results of the patrols and the causes and backgrounds to accidents that occur, countermeasures are promptly determined in accordance with accidents trends, in order to prevent recurrence and to improve the safety and health standards.

Implementation of employee safety and health education

Various types of training is carried out for the company's staff , in accordance with their year of joining the company. In FY 2014 a total of 108 courses attended by 1,208 persons were held.

Activities of the Safety and Health Cooperation Association

Close liaison with the nationwide specialist contractor organization "Taisei Safety, Health, and Environment Cooperation Association" is maintained in order to prevent accidents and damage.

System of Award

A system of various awards is provided for branches with excellent safety and health results, specialist contractors with meritorious achievement, and construction sites that have received the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award, etc.

Highly evaluated for achievement of no accidents and no damage throughout the whole construction, and for thorough safety management initiatives.

Safety management on overseas construction sites

Taisei Corporation has established a Safety Administration and Environmental Department in the International Operations Headquarters in order to strengthen the safety management and response to environmental conservation on overseas construction sites.

  • Hold International Operations Headquarters Safety Committee meetings
  • Inspect Site construction and Safety plans
  • Implement Site safety patrols
  • Ensure full understanding of the International Operations Headquarters Safety Guidelines
  • Determine Action Plan to achieve "zero fatal accidents" of the International Operations Headquarters

To enable safe operation under different conditions in each country, safety measures have been successively prepared for safety measures in connection with traveling cranes, scaffolding, electricity, etc., in an effort to prevent recurrence of similar accidents or damage.


"Souyu-kai Room" Established as Space for Interchange with the Main Specialist Construction Contractors

In August 2014 a "Souyu-kai Room" was established within Headquarters as a space for interchange with the member companies of Souyu-kai, the organization of the main specialist construction contractors.
Souyu-kai was re-launched in February 2014 in order to strengthen the links between the company and each of the member companies of Souyu-kai, with a focus on improving the construction capabilities and promoting stable management of each of the member companies through cooperation in the company's projects. At present 667 companies are affi liated to Souyu-kai, and contribute to enhancement of social infrastructure by mutual development of the company and the member companies.

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