Ensuring Quality and Customer Satisfaction

6.7.3 Fair marketing, factual and unbiased information and fair contractual practice
6.7.4 Protecting consumers' health and safety
6.7.8 Privacy Access to essential services
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Complying with the Management Procedure

It is our important mission to provide customers with high quality construction products and related services.
We are acting based on the "Quality Policy" which we established to achieve the mission.

Quality Policy*

We pursue business activities centered around our core strengths in construction and engineering services under our corporate ideal of "to create a vibrant environment for all members of society." We aim to contribute to society by developing a safe and comfortable infrastructure and living environment, and to evolve continuously as a company.
Our key mission is to provide our clients and society with high-quality construction products and related services in an efficient and stable manner.
To achieve this mission, we will pursue our business activities according to the following Norms of Conduct.

Norms of Conduct
  • To provide high-quality, high-performance construction products, we will promote research and development of advanced technologies that anticipate future social needs.
  • In providing construction products and related services, we will meet the requirements of our clients while complying with the relevant contractual terms, laws, regulations, and standards.
  • To maintain and improve the quality and performance of our construction products on a long-term basis, we will provide the necessary services throughout the lifecycle of the products.
  • To ensure that the quality of our construction products and related services is maintained and improved, we will continue to maintain and enhance our quality management system.

*Issued by the name of CEO

Quality Assurance System for CS

We obtained ISO 9001* certification in 1996 for the first time in Japan's construction industry. We are operating quality management system not only for the design and construction, but also for after-sales service to provide customers with safety and comfort.

* ISO 9001: International standard for quality management systems

1. Enlightenment Activities to Ensure Quality


In the Basic Policies in the Medium-term Business Plan (FY 2015-2017), one of the [Aims] is "To obtain high customer satisfaction by ensuring quality and safety". In conjunction with the quality management system, "TAISEI QUALITY" activities have been implemented since 2009, and these activities are promoted throughout the Group for improvement of quality and productivity.

2. Quality Management System


BIM and T‒CIM are databases in which attribute data is added to a single three-dimensional model produced on computer. These have already been introduced and are used on many of the company's design-build projects as design solution.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM enables easy access to various kinds of building information. It enables work to be more efficient and more advanced through visualization of design information, and reflecting various types of environmental simulation schemes, etc. By utilization of BIM through all stages from basic design, detailed design, construction, and maintenance, it enables the strengths of general contractors, namely comprehensive capabilities, to be exhibited at a higher level, thereby achieving improved productivity and improved customer satisfaction in addition to quality.

Construction Information Modeling (T‒CIM)

Construction Information Modeling (T‒CIM)

CIM is utilized by Civil Engineering Division.
Though 3-dimensional drawings and relative information CIM contributes practical and optimum construction plans and improves the quality of the product. It has already been applied for some projects.

Thorough Familiarization with Quality Control Standard and Procedures

Civil Engineering Division held CS interviews with 63 customers and all of them were satisfied with our performance. These survey in the Building Construction Division in the future we aim to achieve 100% of questionnaire forms at each of our branches, and carry out continuous follow-up. Also, to identify future improvements and issues, the details of the questionnaires will be checked, the causes of items with low evaluation will be analyzed, and its countermeasures will be reflected in construction follow-up meetings, etc. We will maintain close communication with our customers to obtain better understanding, and increase satisfaction.

CS survey
Civil engineering


CS survey
Building construction


Innovation Management

ISO:6.7.5 Sustainable consumption

Policy on Research and Development Activities

We aim to achieve stable and sustainable growth based on the fundamental policy of "Deep Cultivation of the Construction Industry, our core business" in the Taisei Group Medium-term Business Plan (FY 2015-2017), and based on obtaining high customer satisfaction by ensuring quality and safety. In the management tasks, emphasis is placed on strategic initiatives for target projects, active contribution to enhancement of social infrastructure, promotion of next generation technological development, establishment of next generation business models for target fields, and strengthening domestic construction business by technological development.
In implementing this technological development, we actively promote alliances with various university research organizations, companies in different industries, and other companies in the same industry, etc., in order to enhance the investment efficiency in technological development based on advanced and diverse technical needs.
Expenditure on research and development in FY 2014 was ¥11 billion. The following items introduce some examples of our research and development activities.

Trend in Research and Development Expenditure

Results of Research and Development Activities

We actively pursue protection and utilization of intellectual property assets such as inventions and brands associated with our research and development, based on our intellectual property strategy. The rate of registration of patent applications is very high and 89%.
We aim to contribute to society through development of new technologies based on the unity of our business strategy, our research and development strategy, and our intellectual property strategy, through technological support for our construction sites, and through our utilization of intellectual assets etc.

Obtaining rights to technologies that solve problems of society

We submit applications for technologies that are actually used and useful, from the point of view of acquiring rights that will differentiate us from other companies and be useful for society and for projects.
We do not compete on the number of patent applications. In FY 2014, 36 construction sites were visited to identify technologies on these construction sites.
For the future we aim to apply for higher quality applications and acquire broader rights.

Number of Patents Obtained


Examples of Research and Development Activities

Technological development is promoted with emphasis on the management task of "promotion of next generation technological development" in the Medium-term Business Plan (FY 2015-2017).
The following is an introduction to examples of our main research and development activities in FY 2014 and their prospects.

Technologies for Construction of LNG facilities "Dual PC Speed Erection Method"

Structural outline of PC LNG storage tank

The "Dual PC Speed Erection Method" has been developed that does not require scaffolding on the inside of the PC LNG storage tank, by using precast formwork for constructing side wall. This enables. faster construction and improved safety during construction. Our target is large-scale tanks since this method is efficiently applicable to such tanks.

Development of Underwater Work Vehicle "T-iROBO UW*" for Dam Renewal

Image of operation using T-iROBO
UW (view looking upwards)

A robot has been developed that performs underwater operations moving up and down a shaft installed vertically on the bottom of a lake from a work barge. Utilizing the merits of diver saving, power saving, and reduction in construction time by eliminating a temporary jetty with high piers, and the improvement in safety by eliminating underwater operations by divers, it is being applied to the construction of an outfall tunnel for the redevelopment of Amagase Dam. In the future we intend to develop this not only for dam modification, but also for construction work in deep water.

*UW: Abbreviation for under water

Development of "W Curing" Concrete Formwork having Water Permeability Function

Application to Chorozawa Bridge on
the Tohoku Chuo Expressway

A continuous drain-moist curing method has been developed in pursuit of improvement in the long-term durability of concrete structures. In the future this will be applied to bridges and tunnels, etc., as a structural construction technology to achieve high-quality, high safety, and reduced maintenance costs.

Approval of "Method of Preventing Collapse of Specific Ceilings" by the Building Center of Japan

Technology to prevent ceiling
collapse "T-Ceiling V-brace Method"

The development of technologies to prevent collapse of ceilings during an earthquake is progressing. The "T-Ceiling V-brace Method" is a seismic technology in which V-shaped inclined members are installed between the structure and a suspended ceiling. It is the first to be approved by the Building Center of Japan complying with a new Notification.

"T-POP Construction Method*" Obtains the First Approval of Construction Method from the Building Center of Japan is obtained.

PC beam. The tendons are reduced
from 10 to 8

This is the company's long span beam construction method in which the beam ends where the tendons are anchored are reinforced concrete (RC) structure, and the remaining central part of the beam is prestressed concrete (PC) structure. Design and construction methods have been established for the use of beams by the long span beam T-POP method "high density cable type", which is one of the main technologies of the company's technology brand "T-RC⁺", which enable labor saving and reduced cost to be achieved.

*Abbreviation for Taisei Precast Optimized beam with Prestress

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