Commitment from the Top

Yoshiyuki Murata

A Corporate Group Responding to the Needs of Society

I am Yoshiyuki Murata. I was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Taisei Corporation on April 1, 2015. In this "TAISEI ANNUAL REPORT 2015," I will introduce the initiatives being undertaken by the Taisei Group to achieve sustainable growth and meet the needs of society.
The Taisei Group was founded in 1873. In the 140 years since, we have continuously adapted to the changing needs of society and our customers. Today, the construction industry must respond to new social issues and diversified social values both at home and overseas. The Taisei Group is meeting social needs and resolving complex issues by applying the Group's advanced technology and expertise.
We aim to continue our efforts to create new value for society and our customers, earn the trust of all our stakeholders, and achieve sustainable growth.

The Long-term Vision Enters Phase 3

"To create a vibrant environment for all members of society." In 2010, we reorganized our system of ideals to further integrate this "group ideal," formulated in 1990, into the company's activities. In the new system of ideals, the "Taisei Spirit" is defined as "commitment to openness," "creation of value," and "evolution of tradition." These characteristics are clear and easy to understand and share among all the officers and employees of the Group.
The company also established in 2010 the long-term vision, "Taisei Vision 2020," in order to achieve these ideals. This long-term vision was divided into four phases, the second of which was the Medium-term Business Plan (FY 2012‒2014). By reviewing our systems and using the results to create the business infrastructure, we were able to exceed our initial business and financial targets.

In April 2015, when I became President and CEO, we started the new Medium-term Business Plan (FY 2015‒2017), which is the third phase of the long-term vision. In this phase, we will strongly promote the creation of a new business structure in order to rapidly respond to the demands of society and our customers from medium and long-term perspectives.

Our Structure of Values and Policies
Aims of TAISEI VISION 2020 'Business Structure for Creation of Higher Added Value'

Improve Corporate Values by "Deeply Cultivating the Construction Industry"

The new Medium-term Business Plan (FY 2015‒2017) incorporates four aims and eight management tasks that respond to the current vigorous demand, maintain our focus on the uncertain business environment from 2020 and beyond, and increase our competitiveness in the medium and long-term.
At present, the Japanese economy is experiencing a continued gentle recovery with the development of facilities associated with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the development of transport infrastructure, and investment in private sector construction. We are strategically undertaking target projects in order to appropriately meet these construction needs.
Moreover, in order to transform our current business structure into a higher added-value structure with a focus on the period after the Olympics and Paralympics, we have identified five target fields: renovation and replacement, nuclear energy, environment, engineering and urban development. Technological development is being promoted in these fields so that we can differentiate ourselves from other companies and create higher corporate value. In addition, we have identified a new business opportunity in the rapid expansion in demand for infrastructure in emerging nations. We are expanding our business in the medium and long-term by utilizing the company's technological advantages.

Basic Policies [Medium-term Business Plan (FY 2015‒2017)]

Initiatives to Resolve Environmental Issues.

Japanese society faces global environmental problems, natural disasters, including large earthquakes and tsunamis, a falling population due to aging and a low birth rate, and other issues. Accepting the challenges of these social issues and undertaking to resolve them using the Taisei Group's advanced technology and expertise will help the Group achieve sustainable growth.
As an initiative for global environmental issues, we have established a long-term environmental management plan, "TAISEI Green Target 2050, "that specifies targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, effectively utilizing resources, conserving biodiversity, etc.

An example of our initiatives for environmental issues is the ZEB Demonstration Building, which was constructed inside the Technology Center in June 2014. This "Urban-style Zero Energy Building (ZEB)" uses the most advanced energy efficiency technologies and generates solar energy, etc. In June 2015, we achieved a zero annual energy balance for a single building, which was considered to be extremely difficult to achieve in urban areas.
We continue to develop new technologies with the aim of incorporating ZEB in new public buildings, etc., by 2020, which is part of Japan's fundamental energy plan.
Structural countermeasures for long-period seismic motions for existing ultra high-rise buildings are evolving as a technology for preventing disasters caused by large earthquakes. Research on countermeasures for tsunamis is proceeding at tsunami experimental facilities, which are analyzing the behavior and effect of tsunamis.
In addition, we are developing new technologies for diagnosing structural aging, as well as developing new repair and reinforcement methods that offer excellent constructability for social infrastructure in need of renovation. We are also strengthening the social infrastructure that supports our lifestyles and industry.
The shortage of skilled construction labor is becoming a serious problem. We have established a new training facility in cooperation with our partner companies to cultivate skilled construction labor. In addition, we are applying the latest ICT technologies to develop new construction methods that are labor and power efficient. We also are putting great effort into improving construction safety and productivity.

Aiming for Sustainable Corporate and Social Development

For the Group to achieve sustainable growth, we must continue to be trusted by society. In all our business activities we promote environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. Through dialogue with all of our stakeholders, we respond as much as possible to their demands so that we can reflect them in our future business activities.
The Taisei Group aims to grow along with society by fulfilling our social responsibilities through our business activities.

Management Numerical Targets
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