Special Feature2 : Establishment of Next Generation Business Models "Target Fields"

Target Fields

Renewal and Replacement Field

  • Establishment of "Comprehensive Renewal" that Integrates Seismic Resistance, Energy Efficiency, Barrier Free, etc.
  • Promotion of High-rise Renewal, Renewal Works While Occupied, TECOREP Demolition, etc.
  • Participation in Infrastructure Life Extension Projects Such as Large-Scale Renewal of the Expressway Network, etc.

In the building renewal and replacement field, we can respond to needs for improvement such as building energy efficiency measures, environmental measures, seismic measures, BCP measures, etc., from the point of view of improvement in asset value and maintenance and improvement of building function, and not just maintain the current function of the building that is in use.
We provide safe and reliable buildings by seismic technologies such as seismic retrofits, etc., and the TECOREP system for demolition of high-rise buildings, and solve various problems such as aging or compliance with new regulations for building such as office buildings and production facilities that are important assets of our customers.
In the civil engineering field, a committee on infrastructures longevity was established based on current increasing social demands for renovation and repairing of expressways. The chairman of the committee is a Senior General Manager of the Civil Engineering Construction Engineering Department and the staff are from various divisions of the whole Taisei Group including the Taisei Technology Center, Taisei Rotec Corporation, Seiwa Renewal Works Co., Ltd., etc. aiming at information sharing, engineering development and promotion of sales & marketing strategies.

Nuclear Power Field

  • Strengthen Safety Technologies and Special Technologies in Nuclear Power Facilities
  • Establish Alliances and Technical Development Systems Aiming to Win Orders for Decommissioning Projects
  • Expand Orders Received for Facilities for Use of Radiation in the Medical Field and Industrial Field

We have a wealth of experience in the design and construction of nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel cycle facilities. In addition, we are developing improved safety technologies demanded by nuclear power plants to resume operations after the Fukushima accident.
We are also developing decommissioning technologies including remote-control, dismantling and cutting technologies for improved safety and security.
With an extensive track record, we provide total solution technologies ranging from safety assessment to the construction of medical and industrial nuclear facilities, as well as nuclear power plants.

Environment Field

  • Strengthen Proposal Ability Utilizing ZEB-related Technologies*1
  • Promote Introduction of Smart Communities in Large Scale Redevelopment Projects, etc.
  • Strengthen Biodiversity Off set Management*2 Proposals
  • Strengthen Proposal Ability for Large Projects Utilizing Soil Decontamination Technology

In the environmental field, we are actively promoting the development and proposal of various environmental technologies to increase our competitiveness in the medium- and long-term. Examples include ZEB-related technologies; technologies related to smart cities such as DR (Demand Response) which was established in the Yokohama City "YSCP (Yokohama Smart City Project)" selected by METI*3 as a scheme for operational experiments of smart communities; planning technologies and the evaluating technologies taking the environment and biodiversity into account; technologies for contaminated soil and groundwater counter-measure and related waste repository technologies; decontaminating technologies undertaken for restoration in the Fukushima Prefecture.

*1 Refer to P.17 of the Special Edition for information on ZEB-related Technologies.
*2 Providing solutions that mitigate or off set the effect of changes on biodiversity.
*3 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Engineering Field

  • Further Strengthen and Diversify in the Pharmaceutical Field
  • Strengthen Proposal of Schemes, such as Consulting, FS Work, etc.
  • Expansion in Business Fields such as Information, Energy, and Infrastructure, etc.
  • Strengthen the Maintenance Management Services Area

In the engineering field, we are concentrating on expanding our business area and increasing added value of construction. At the project planning stage we carry out consulting and project feasibility studies (FS) to precisely match the needs of our customers, and thereafter we carry out activities in various fields that lead to an appropriate facility construction plan.
Specific examples include multi-faceted consulting to realize high quality facilities that satisfy the requirements of our customers, such as FS studies and plans compliant with the world standards PIC/S-GMP*4, backed by our extensive experience in pharmaceutical production facilities; refurbishment of aging food factories and reconfiguration within and between facilities; slimming down or determining the optimum bases for high function distribution equipment that has become surplus; proposals for improvement and application of IT to operational aspects of hospitals; proposals for attracting customers to aquariums, and plant factory plan for integrated primary, secondary, and tertiary sector industrialization*5 of agriculture.

*4 PIC/S: Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (jointly referred to as PIC/S) to which Japan became affiliated in July 2014, GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice, a production quality standard
*5 Integrated primary, secondary, and tertiary sector industrialization: An initiative for agriculture and fishery producers to engage in all stages from production through to processing and sales

Urban Development Field

  • Respond to Customers' Diversified and Advanced Needs Utilizing Urban Development Methods
  • Stabilize Development Project Income Using Stock-type Projects as an Option to Supplement the Core Business
  • Wide Participation in Public Private Partnership Projects, such as Utilization of Public Land
  • Expansion of Construction Orders Received within Areas through Area Management

In the field of urban development, we support our customers' business from the project planning stage by applying our urban development know-how such as preparing high profitability schemes, providing support for consultations with authorities regarding urban planning and obtaining development permits, and coordination with stakeholders. We also implement our own development projects.
In the Ōtsu Station West Area Urban Redevelopment Project (COCOLAS Ōtsu) constructed on the west side of JR Ōtsu Station, redevelopment of an existing city block was implemented integrally with a land readjustment project implemented by Ōtsu City. Also, in the research and development facility Kawasaki Life Science & Environment Research Center (LiSE) developed by Kawasaki City by the PPP method, we have undertaken all work from design and construction, and will manage the facility for 20 years.

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