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GRI:G4-14, G4-15, G4-34, G4-36,G4-49, G4-56
Aiming for Sustainable Development to Create New value Promoting CSR with Taisei Group's Shared Ideals and Values

Promoting CSR with Taisei Group's Shared Ideals and Values

The Taisei Corporation Group aims to realize the Group ideal "to create a vibrant environment for all members of society" by conducting our business while implementing "Overall Principles of Conduct" (Taisei Group Action Guidelines) and "Overall management perspective" (TAISEI VISION 2020, Mid-term Business Plan) with all members of staff sharing the "Taisei Spirit".

System for Promoting CSR

A CSR committee has been established to promote CSR activities within the Taisei Group.
The CSR Committee includes 5 Taisei board members and officers.
The CSR Promotion Office educates and gives guidance on CSR, and exchanges opinions with the various departments and Group companies to promote the Group's CSR activities.

Diagram of CSR Promotion System

Development of CSR Activities Utilizing ISO26000

GRI:G4-2, G4-14, G4-15, G4-19,G4-20, G4-21, G4-56, DMA

Implementation of CSR management that integrates the "Taisei Action Guidelines" and the "Management Plan" (PDCA cycle)

Interview Employees to Investigate Current Conditions

The CSR Promotion Office has prepared self check sheets by reference to each of the items set in the 7 core subjects indicated in ISO 26000*2.
These sheets are distributed in advance to each division and the main group companies (7 companies), and by holding interviews with each person responsible for CSR, the FY 2014 CSR tasks and KPIs (important business evaluation indices) are discussed and confirmed, and in addition are improved by reference to the opinions from CSR influential persons.
This initiative is carried out every year, in order to implement CSR management by promoting PDCA to solve the issues.

*2 ISO 26000: International guidance on social responsibility of organizations

From the KPI*1 Setting Process to Materiality

Taisei Corporation sets tasks to be undertaken (Action Guidelines: P) with reference to ISO 26000, which are important items for stakeholders, sets tasks that are important to be solved (Action Guidelines: P) as a management plan based on changes in the social background (external environment) and ESG risk factors, and defines the main items to be undertaken by the Taisei Corporation Group (Action Guidelines: D) that are closely related to the two.
Then, KPIs are set in order to check (C) and improve (A) each of these items. In the company these KPIs are the materiality factors in the business.

Materiality Matrix

Taisei Corporation Group has selected factors that should be selected in carrying out our business (materiality).
These are items composed based on the degree of importance to stakeholders (ISO 26000, etc.) and the degree of effect on management (management issues in the Medium-Term Business Plan, etc.), and are linked to the KPIs.
Henceforth we will promote CSR while expanding these boundaries, with reference to evaluations such as reviews by and dialog with influential persons, etc.

Taisei Corporation KPIs*1 (CSR Items and Main Tasks and Target)

Group Company KPIs (CSR Items and Main Tasks and Target)

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