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Civil Engineering

Shigeyoshi Tanaka

Shigeyoshi Tanaka

Senior Managing Executive Officer
Chief of Civil Engineering Division
Deputy Chief of Corporate Planning Office

Increasing the Number of Contracts Awarded Mainly in the Area of Large Scale Shield Tunnels due to Sales Activities Facilitated by our Technical Proposal Capabilities.

Due to the boom in the domestic market, we have carried out sales activities facilitated by our technical proposal capabilities and increased the work orders acquired. Work orders for large-scale shield tunnels in the Tokyo region such as the Gaikan Oizumi and the Yokohama Ring Expressway North-West line, dam projects, etc. were acquired in FY 2014.
Moreover, we have been given higher ratings than our competitors for our performance from clients such as the regional bureaus. Our safety work, technical proposals, management system, etc. were highly evaluated in total.
We could build firm mutual reliance with clients which will lead to future work orders. Moreover, such good evaluation by public employers contributed to acquisition of nominated work orders from private firms.
We will continue to endeavor to acquire work orders for large projects such as traffic infrastructure, the Tokyo Gaikan Expressway, the Linear Chuo Shinkansen project, rehabilitation works in the north-eastern part of Japan which suffered tsunami damage, and various projects related to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic games in 2020.

Development of Differentiation Technology for the Next Generation and Strategies for Solving Social Issues

"Further concentration on core construction business" is the main theme of our mid-term business plan for the period between 2015 and 2017. This means we shall enhance our main business. The Civil engineering division will develop business activities based on this policy. One example of this target is development of differentiation engineering technology for the next generation.
We will develop new construction methods and comprehensive engineering schemes including safety aspects to enable very difficult construction technologies that are required by national projects such as the Linear Chuo Shinkansen (bullet train).
Another target is the solution of the social issues. We will improve our productivity through further introduction of information technology, pre-casting methods, etc., to save manpower. Thus, we will endeavor to make the social infrastructure robust and to take care of old infrastructure so as to maintain public safety, security and convenience.

To be a Winner in the Future Construction Business through the Challenge of Realizing Growth

We will accomplish further development by enhancing the organization through the most suitable deployment and education & training of human resources, with the aim of being a winner in the future construction business.
We aim to be ranked as No.1 in even more fields in order to achieve greater presence and wider recognition in the market, which is advantageous for us. We endeavor to make our overseas business lucrative so that it becomes one of the profit centers of the firm. This is a measure of our globalization considering post 2020.


Towards Being Awarded Further Works on the Ring Roads in the Capital Region

Of the 3 ring roads in the capital region centered on Tokyo, in March 2015 the Central Circular Route was completed and commenced service, and the Tokyo outer circular route (Gaikan) and the Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway (Ken-Ō Expressway) projects to the outside of the Central Circular Route are in progress.
We have completed the shield tunnel construction of the Shinagawa Line of the Central Circular Route, we have been awarded the Yokohama Ring Expressway North-West Line that constitutes the Kanagawa Prefecture section between the Gaikan Main Line and the Ken-Ō Expressway, and we are working towards winning further construction projects.

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Building Construction

Norihiko Yaguchi

Norihiko Yaguchi

Managing Executive Officer
Chief of Building Construction Division;
Deputy Chief of Corporate Planning Office

Providing Buildings that Meet the Demands of Customers through Development of Technologies in Advance of Other Companies

In the Building Construction Division, we provide various buildings that meet the demands of customers based on the technical capability and know-how of the company cultivated to date, by exhibiting our overall capabilities, which is a strength of the company, and by ensuring "quality and safety" by technical development ahead of other companies. We do this in cooperation with various other divisions and departments such as Building Design, Services, Procurement, Environment, Engineering, and the Technology Center.

Applying the Collective Strengths of the Company on National Projects and Social Infrastructure Development Projects

In construction environment of the company it seems demand will increase for construction associated with an increase in investment in construction since 2010, economic measures by the Government, recovery from earthquake disasters, and the holding of the Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo in 2020, etc. And we expect that it will be further.
In response to the current market environment, the company's Building Construction Division is actively participating in national projects (mainly facilities for the Olympics, etc.), targeted projects (large-scale multipurpose facilities), and projects in which we participate as a project partner (refurbishment projects for our main customers, etc.). Also, the company has accumulated much experience to date in airport facilities, power station facilities and urban development both within Japan and overseas. Our work in social infrastructure development projects include the development of the vital infrastructure, renewal of existing fossil fi red power stations to stabilize electrical power supply, responding to new demand associated with the liberalization of the electrical power industry, and projects leading to the restart of nuclear power stations within Japan. We are also actively engaged in applying our strengths to disaster recovery projects, thereby contributing to society as a general construction company.

Technological Development for the Next Generation, and Speeding Up the Production System

In order to support this coming high demand for construction, we are actively undertaking measures to deal with the shortage of engineers, which is an urgent social issue. We are engaged in enhancing the education and further improving the skills of our staff , and are undertaking measures to secure and develop human resources jointly and in cooperation with our partner companies (cooperating subcontractors) in particular members of Souyu-kai, with the aim of securing, establishing, and improving the skills of our construction skilled workers. In addition, we are actively engaged in further increasing the capabilities of our production sites, and improving productivity using labor saving and power saving construction methods and ICT, thereby accelerating the establishment of a production system that will take us from current status to the next generation.


Opening of Training Center for Skilled Workers

In order to maintain safe and high quality construction, Taisei Corporation promotes improvement in the skills of the skilled workers deployed on construction sites. In June the "Taisei Corporation Souyu-kai Kōnosu Training Center" was opened within the training facility of Taisei Rotec Corporation. Training to improve the skills of skilled workers and training to develop the next generation managers is carried out by the companies of Souyu-kai.

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Real Estate Development

Katsuyuki Kanai

Katsuyuki Kanai

Managing Executive Officer;
Chief of Urban Development Division

Confronting Various Issues to Strongly Support our Customers

Currently vigorous large-scale development is in progress in city center areas, reflecting infrastructure development for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, and the Government's long-term strategy such as National Strategic Economic Growth Areas.
In addition there are urgent issues to be tackled in cities, such as the demand for refurbishment associated with aging of buildings built during the period of high economic growth, and the issue of areas with a high density of timber buildings.
The Urban Development Division confronts these various issues and trends in the industry, to strongly support our customers' development projects, or to promote our own development projects as developer.

Urban Development Projects Utilizing our Accumulated Know-how and Experience

In the field of urban land redevelopment projects representing urban revitalization, the company is involved in about 20% of projects nationwide, contributing to local urban development. We are also continuously supporting promotion of urban development projects in many areas in the center of Tokyo. In addition we work in close cooperation with the various group companies in the housing field, such as Taisei-Yuraku Real Estate Co., Ltd., Taisei U-LEC Co., Ltd., Taisei Housing Corporation, etc., utilizing accumulated know-how in redevelopment and promoting initiatives to resolve the issue of areas with high density of timber buildings.
Furthermore, we have top class experience in PFI projects, which is being steadily recognized as a new method of developing public facilities. Last year we accomplished the grand opening of the Ehime Prefectural Central Hospital, a PFI project involving not only the development of the facility but also its operation.

New Challenges for Sustainable Growth

In the field of development projects in which we are a member of project owners, Shinagawa Season Terrace (see next page) was newly opened this spring. It is considered that this project has created a new model for urban spaces, through effective utilization of the upper spaces of the Shibaura Water Reclamation Center (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Sewerage).
For the future, in order to achieve continuous growth, we intend to respond to requests of our customers and needs of society by accumulating and utilizing higher-level development skills, including enlargement of our development areas (including overseas) and the challenge of new business fields such as concessions, etc.


Applying the Group's Comprehensive Capabilities on Projects to Fireproof Areas with a High Density of Old Timber Buildings

This group is undertaking renewal of housing in areas with a high density of old timber buildings, ranging from redevelopment and cooperative housing projects to refurbishment of detached housing, in order to promote fire resistance and seismic resistance of urban areas, thereby contributing to realization of urban development that is resistant to disasters. This initiative is part of a new business model of the group housing strategy that is being actively promoted with a long-term vision.

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