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Aiming for a Sustainable Society Fulfilling Our Mission as a General Contractor

Two years have passed since the occurrence of the Great East Japan Earthquake; the important tasks now are recovery of the areas affected by the disaster and building a country that is strong against disasters. How should highly safe and reliable infrastructure be developed? What kind of social systems can coexist with nature? How can a society that is prepared for disasters and is not burdened with all kinds of risks be realized? Every company of the Taisei Group is working to solve these problems.

To achieve Taisei Group ideal "To create a vibrant environment for all members of society", we are seeking a path to develop a sustainable society by pursuing more advanced technologies and through environmental initiatives. The year 2013 marks 140 years since the founding of Taisei Corporation. As we deeply recognize the social mission that a general contractor must fulfill, we are engaged in creating the infrastructure for a vibrant society.

Takashi Yamauchi

Takashi Yamauchi
President and Chief Executive Officer

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