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Plan Promoting Compliance

Establishment of a Compliance Committee and promotion system

TAISEI has established a Compliance Committee composed of seven members (two outside experts and five company directors) chaired by an outside expert as an advisory body for the president. The committee, which meets several times per year as needed, compiles reports on specific initiatives pertaining to compliance promotion. It also exchanges opinions on the implementation of compliance training and on training plans, takes opinions and suggestions from outside experts, and attempts to enforce the observance of laws and regulations.
We have also developed an internal system for promoting and implementing company-wide compliance awareness-raising and education by assigning managers, promoters, and implementers in each division with the president at the top.

Establishment of a Compliance Committee and promotion system

Do Ongoing implementation of compliance training

TAISEI uses group training and compliance news in training and awareness-raising, in order to promote the dissemination and establishment of compliance awareness. Group trainings* are conducted in small-group discussion format to inform all employees of the laws and regulations related to their actual works, based on topics related to day-to-day work (conducted three times in fiscal 2012).
Additionally, we publish columns that take up a wide variety of familiar and topical compliance-related issues as a monthly compliance communication on our intranet in an effort to raise the awareness of executives and employees.
We also actively provide training materials to TAISEI Group companies, ensuring that the TAISEI Group functions as an integrated entity in promoting compliance.

Do Corporate ethics helpline

TAISEI has developed a Corporate Ethics Helpline as an internal whistleblowing system to report violations of laws and regulations and the TAISEI Group Action Guidelines. It also established an outside hotline in an attorney’s office.
We inform executives and employees of the hotlines through whistleblowing and consultation menu items on the company intranet and posters. We have also spread the word by posting handling methods and other information on the TAISEI website for whistleblowing by employees of subcontractors who are in a direct transaction relationship with TAISEI. In addition, we have established a Group Helpline for the 20 group companies in Japan as part of our compliance system.

Do Establishing a system for ensuring Do appropriateness of bidding practices and determining the status of observance

Branch managers check to make sure bidding practices are conducted appropriately, and we operate an internal system for preparing and storing those confirmation records.
Also, every year the Legal Department conducts a study to determine the appropriateness of the bidding practices of all branches and their status of observance of the Construction Contractors Law and the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors.

Do Requiring reporting of serious legal violations

TAISEI requires executives and employees to report to the company if they know that "they themselves or another officer or employee has or is trying to commit a legal violation that could cause serious detriment to the company (e.g., temporarily barred from public bidding, suspension of business)."

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