CSR Management

Development of CSR Activities Utilizing ISO 26000

The TAISEI Group takes the perspective of our stakeholders (interested parties) when considering CSR issues and objectives and establishing challenges and concrete measures. In fiscal 2012, we established key issues to focus on as KPIs* after using our own unique checksheet based on ISO 26000 to organize our initiatives and exchanging opinions with external CSR experts.

Steps Towards Implementation

STEP 1: Interview employees to investigate current conditions

Holding a department CSR managers' meeting

TAISEI's CSR Promotion Section held a briefing for the 40 CSR managers in each division and the 10 in our main Group companies to inform them of our intention to investigate the status of CSR activities. The employees at the briefing increased their consciousness towards ISO 26000 and confirmed and shared the process for pursing CSR challenges in the future.

Taking inventory of CSR activities based on ISO 26000

In order to survey the status of CSR activities, the CSR Promotion Section drafted an original checksheet based on the 36 issues established under 7 core subjects in the ISO 26000 standard. The checksheets were distributed in advance to the CSR managers from each division and from the main Group companies who were later interviewed regarding their responses to take an inventory of the current state of CSR activities.

STEP 2: Identify challenges for the agenda

Extracting issues and objectives and setting KPIs

The status of the CSR activities in the inventory were then evaluated with the help of the CSR experts at Craig Consulting, and CSR issues and objectives were extracted for each division. These were then used to establish KPIs.

Addressing issues and promoting measures

As one issue identified was supply chain management (CSR procurement), a CSR Procurement Council was established as an internal working group and a procurement policy was formulated. In addition, a workshop was held for the CSR managers from each TAISEI division and from the main TAISEI Group companies.

STEP 3: Implementing measures for issues within the PDCA cycle

PDCA Cycle

Starting with the TAISEI Group Plan comprised of Overall Principles of Conduct and the Overall Management Perspective (Plan), main initiative items were undertaken (Do). The CSR Promotion Section worked with Craig Consulting to set key issues as part of the TAISEI Agenda and/or as KPIs and to assess the status of those initiatives (Check). Yearly improvements (Act) will be made to achieve sustained growth of the enterprise.

PDCA Cycle
Message from an Expert
Mr. Mitsuo Ogawa, President of Craig Consulting
Mr. Mitsuo Ogawa, President of Craig Consulting

The objective of CSR for the TAISEI Group is to realize the Group Ideal and is based on the Group Action Guidelines and Mid-Term Business Plan. The 7 core subjects of ISO 26000 were referenced when establishing CSR issues and KPIs previously as well, but in fiscal 2012, an original checksheet based on ISO 26000 was used to analyze activities carried out until then more deeply, after which discussions were held with main departments. This approach deserves high praise as an initiative that will raise the level of the Group's CSR activities so that they are better suited to the global field within the industry-specific practices of a contracting business.
The results of the analysis demonstrated that one issue is promoting CSR throughout the supply chain. In upcoming years, I hope that TAISEI can expand this initiative beyond it to other Group companies and other partners in the supply chain as well.

* KPI: Key Performance Indicator

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