Environmental Policies / Environmental Management Organization Chart

Plan Environmental Business Promotion Framework

The TAISEI Group is working on a promotion framework for improvement of environmental technology that contributes to "achievement of a low-carbon society," "preservation of biodiversity," and "formation of a recycling society."

Environmental Policies

With the group ideal of "To create a vibrant environment for all members of society," TAISEI, through its construction activities, strives for the development of quality social infrastructure and the improvement of the living environment in harmony with Nature.
As environmental problems worldwide increase, TAISEI's business activities are necessarily a part of the burden on the environment.
With these environmental management principles as a guide, and working for an environmentally sensitive society, TAISEI and its group companies strive for "Environmental Protection and Innovation," and promote "Pioneering Environmental Projects" in all corporate activities.

Action Guidelines
  • We shall prevent environmental pollution through compliance with environmental laws, regulations, and agreements and, through the effective application of our Environmental Management System (EMS), expand and continually improve environmental conservation activities.
  • We shall develop environmental technologies that contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society, the conservation of biological diversity, and the formation of a recycling-based society, and use these technologies to benefit our clients and resolve environmental problems.
  • During both planning and design phases, we shall give proper consideration to global and regional environments, and propose to our clients the creation of facilities that harmoniously coexist with the natural environment, conserve energy and resources throughout their life-cycle, and reduce CO₂ emissions.
  • During construction, we shall reduce CO₂ emissions, give proper consideration to biological diversity, and promote the efficient use of resources, thereby reducing the burden on the environment. In cooperation with specialty contractors and business partners, we shall promote the 3R of construction byproducts (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), along with other environmental conservation activities.
  • We shall communicate effectively with local communities, and as a worthy corporate citizen, contribute to the conservation of regional environments.
  • We shall proactively cooperate with other nations, NGO's and NPO's in creating and protecting the environment.
Declaration of TAISEI on Biodiversity Preservation

Based on the TAISEI Group Ideal "To create a vibrant environment for all members of society," and in order to remain an organization that learns from and cares for nature, TAISEI proclaims the following action policy.

  • Analyze the risks the Company's construction activities pose to biological resources and the ecosystem, utilize environmental management systems, and minimize the impact of those risks to the maximum extent possible.
  • Develop environmental technologies to preserve and re-create biodiversity, and utilize those technologies with clients to sustain ecological services.
  • Perform urban development and facilities design that coexists in harmony with nature, and aggressively submit proposals that serve to preserve and increase biodiversity.
  • Cooperate with business associates, including specialty sub-contractors, in pursuing biodiversity preservation.
  • Promote communication with local communities, cooperate with domestic/overseas NPO/NGO's, engage in proactive biodiversity conservation activities, and disclose the accomplishments of those activities.

TAISEI Environmental Management Organization Chart

TAISEI Environmental Management Organization Chart
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