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  • 1873

    Kihachiro Okura established Okura Gumi Shokai
    Ginza Brick Street restoration project

  • 1882

    Arc lamps lit in front of Okura Gumi Shokai in Ginza

  • 1883

    Rokumeikan (facility for entertaining state visitors or foreign diplomats)

  • 1887

    Establishment of Nippon Doboku Co., Ltd. (the first corporation in the construction industry)
    Establishment of Osaka Office (later, Osaka Branch, currently Kansai Branch)

  • 1890

    Lake Biwa Lock and Tunnel (Kyoto-fu and Shiga Prefecture)
    (water tunnel to deliver water from Lake Biwa to Kyoto)

  • 1893

    Kihachiro Okura established Okura Doboku Gumi

  • 1911

    Kabushiki Gaisha Okura Gumi Civil Engineering Department launched

  • 1915

    Okura Gumi main building

  • 1917

    Establishment of Kabushiki Gaisha Okura Doboku Gumi (first kabushiki gaisha (stock-type company) in the construction industry)

  • 1920

    Name change to Nihon Doboku Kabushiki Gaisha

  • 1923

    New Imperial Hotel (designed by F.L. Wright)

  • 1924

    Name change to Okura Doboku Kabushiki Gaisha
    Yokohama Office opened (currently Yokohama Branch)

  • 1927

    Tokyo Metro from Ueno to Asakusa (first metro in the Orient)

  • 1928

    Death of Kihachiro Okura (age 90)

  • 1929

    Sapporo Office opened (currently Sapporo Branch)

  • 1931

    Nagoya Office opened (currently Nagoya Branch)
    Okura Schanze (Hokkaido)
    (Ski jump for Sapporo Winter Olympics)

  • 1933

    Kyushu Office opened (later Fukuoka Branch, currently Kyushu Branch)

  • 1945

    Susumu Onishi appointed President

  • 1946

    Name change to Taisei Corporation
    Sendai (currently Tohoku Branch), Hiroshima (currently Chugoku Branch), Niigata (currently Kita Shinetsu Branch), Takamatsu (currently Shikoku Branch) offices name change to Branch

  • 1947

    Election of President Takeo Fujita and Directors by employee voting

  • 1949

    Employee stock system established, thereby becoming a non-family corporation

  • 1956

    Listing of shares on Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • 1957

    Kazue Kato appointed President
    Listing of shares on Tokyo Stock Exchange (first in the construction industry)

  • 1958

    Completion of Ginza Taisei Building, headquarters moved
    National Stadium (Tokyo) (Main stadium for Tokyo Olympics)

  • 1960

    Establishment of Research Institute in Toyosu
    Tokuji Mizushima appointed President

  • 1963

    Tokyo Branch opened
    Kahei Honma appointed President

  • 1964

    Mount Fuji Radar Station (Shizuoka Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture) (For meteorological observation)

  • 1969

    Koji Minami appointed President

  • 1973

    Centenary (commemorative event held)

  • 1975

    Hideo Sugasawa appointed President

  • 1979

    Shinjuku Center Building completed, headquarters moved
    Hajime Sako appointed President
    Research Institute moved to Totsuka, Yokohama

  • 1985

    Yasuo Satomi appointed President

  • 1987

    Seikan Tunnel (Hokkaido, Aomori Prefecture)
    (world's longest undersea tunnel)

  • 1991

    Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No. 1

  • 1993

    Hyozo Yamamoto appointed President
    Chiba Branch, Kanto Branch, Kobe Branch opened

  • 1997

    Osamu Hirashima appointed President

  • 2000

    Kyoto Branch opened

  • 2001

    Kanji Hayama appointed President

  • 2007

    Takashi Yamauchi appointed President

  • 2013

    140th anniversary of founding (commemorative exhibition “Passing the Baton to the Future” held)

  • 2015

    Yoshiyuki Murata appointed President