Health Management

Policy and Management

In accordance with the Taisei Group slogan "For a Lively World," the Group Action Guidelines clearly stipulate that “Taisei personnel shall endeavor to maintain their mental and physical health, and superiors shall give due consideration to the mental and physical health of their subordinates.”
In addition to maintaining compliance with the labor laws and regulations in each country, we have established an organization for management and improvement and we are working to reduce excessive working hours in particular. Matters relating to workplace hygiene and reducing working hours for employees at the head office and branch offices are studied and reviewed, and a Hygiene Committee has been established with the aim of preventing health problems and maintaining and upgrading health.
In addition, the head office and each of the branch offices establish a Mental Health Policy and provide various types of health support measures.

Mental Health Policy (excerpt)

We have established a Mental Health Policy declaring that maintaining mental health is recognized as a serious issue for ensuring the happiness of employees and their families and creating a vibrant workplace, and we are promoting the following items.

  1. Stress checks
  2. Mental health
  3. Provision of training and information
  4. Preparation of documents and manuals
  5. Protection of personal information

Promotion Framework

Taisei Corporation has established Health Committees at the head office and each branch office, which are chaired by the General Manager of the Human Resources Department (in the case of the head office) or the Chief of Branch (in the case of a branch office). The Health Committee meets once each month with the participation of occupational health physicians, health and safety managers, persons in charge of health promotion at each division, and branch executive members of the employees' union. At these meetings, the administrator shares information on the status of employees needing health-related care with the personnel division, in order to conduct risk management with regard to employee health. The administrator's superior also endeavors to determine the administrator's health and shares issues with the personnel department.
The Health Committee discusses matters such as frameworks to support employee health and the improvement of workplace environment while obtaining advice from occupational health physicians. The minutes of Health Committee meetings are posted on the Intranet for all employees to view.

Thorough health management

Taisei Corporation encourages employees to get complete medical checkups and ensures 100% participation in regular health checks, as well as thoroughly implementing various examinations and appropriate follow-up measures and providing guidance with regard to health insurance.
We also provide assistance for the costs of quitting-smoking clinics in an effort to prevent lifestyle-related diseases, as well as for the costs of cancer screening for breast cancer, uterine cervical cancer and other female-specific cancers, in order to promote awareness regarding employee health advancement.

Measures to prevent health problems

Overwork interviews and guidance, occupational health physician duties, etc.

In terms of measures to prevent overwork, we promote appropriate management of working hours and recommend interviews and guidance by a physician for people whose interview management time* exceeds a certain standard, in order to maintain health and prevent serious illness.
Detailed information on industrial worker tasks and interviews and guidance relating to overwork is posted on the Intranet, in addition to a Fatigue Level Checklist for employees working long hours for use by employees that have worked more than a set number of hours per month. The condition of employees is checked by means of an Accumulated Fatigue Level Checklist for employees working long hours, and the information is provided as feedback to personnel divisions. In addition, health preservation measures are taken for the employee in question, such as consultation with an occupational health physician.

* Interview management time: The "calculated time of interviews and guidance for employees working long hours, based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act" or "Taisei health management overtime hours" per month, whichever is greater.

Mental health

A health management site has been set up on the Intranet to provide useful information as necessary, including basic knowledge on mental health, a manual on procedures for return to work, contacts for both internal and external consultation, information on specific health guidance to prevent metabolic syndrome, information on subsidies for quitting-smoking treatment costs (as a means of promoting a smoke-free environment at the Company) and health-related articles, in order to help employees obtain information related to health management.
We have set up a dedicated consultation desk for employees to consult external professional counselors (health welfare professionals, clinical psychologists, etc.) responsible for health management and EAP. We also hold counseling sessions at the head office and branch offices to encourage and provide the opportunity for employees to consult external professional counselors.
In addition, as initiatives for mental health education, we periodically provide training sessions and e-learning programs on LINE Care for employees in managerial positions, and other self-care and related matters for general employees.

Stress checks

In FY 2020, the stress check participation rate was 91.6%. Through participation in stress checks, guidance is provided to employees determined to be under high stress, and active measures are conducted to improve workplace environments with high health risk values.

Specific health guidance (metabolic health checks)

Taisei works in cooperation with the Health Insurance Association for Architecture and Civil Engineering Companies to promote effective medical expense measures and so on, primarily to prevent lifestyle-related diseases and other illness.