Risk Management

Promoting company-wide risk management

To ensure appropriate management of the risks associated with our business activities, TAISEI established and operates a company-wide risk management system by identifying the risks involved in our business activities, classifying those risks by their degree of severity as “company-wide risks,” “risks under division control,” etc., and clarifying those responsible for managing said risks.
In the case of “company-wide risks” that could have a serious effect on business management, we practice effective risk management throughout the company by centralizing information in the CRO Secretariat and sharing information with the Risk Management Committee and Risk Management Council.
In addition, every year we follow the PDCA cycle, ensuring that our risk management remains constantly effective.

System for the Promotion of Company-wide Risk Management

BCP (Initiatives for Business Continuity Planning)

To fulfill our social responsibilities as a general constructor that provides infrastructure for socio-economic activities, we have established action guidelines and rules concerning business continuity planning (BCP*) in anticipation of disasters such as an earthquake.
TAISEI's disaster prevention and business continuity measures have been highly evaluated. The Kanto Regional Development Bureau and the Kinki Regional Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism have approved TAISEI's Basic Business Continuity Capabilities during a Disaster as a Construction Company and the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) has given TAISEI the highest rank in its disaster preparedness rating (now known as the DBJ BCM rating).

Major disaster response training in Fiscal 2013

Major disaster response training in Fiscal 2013

Action Guidelines Concerning Countermeasures to New Strains of Influenza

Taisei Corporation formulated the “Directors' and Employee's Action Guidelines (Infection Prevention Measures for Directors and Employee's to Implement)” and the “Response Guidelines for New Strain Influenza” in 2009 in order to respond to new strains of influenza which are said to have a high potential to cause a global pandemic. We established the “New Strain Influenza Countermeasures Website” on our internal website to provide ongoing training about measures to combat virulent new strains of influenza.
Moreover, in 2013, we established a system for registering the incidence of illness among employee's based on the “Safety Confirmation System” to prevent the spread of new strains of influenza within the Company.

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