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Introduction to Our Achievements

In 2013, 140 Years Have Passed since the Founding of Taisei Corporation

The establishment of Taisei Corporation, which is the core of the Taisei Group, was started by Kihachiro Okura in 1873 of Okuragumi Shokai, which corresponds to today's group. Since then the history of the company has been guided by the concept of contributing to the development of society through a safe and comfortable living environment. The founder's spirit still lives on our business activities in order to construct a prosperous future.

History of the Taisei Group of Companies Introduction to Our Achievements
Completed construction

1873 Kihachiro Okura established Okuragumi Shokai in Ginza 1
  Ginza Renga Gai (Ginza Bricktown)
1882 Arc lighting lit in front of Okuragumi Shokai in Ginza 2
1883 Rokumeikan 3
1887 Nippon Doboku Co., Ltd.
(Japan's first construction company)
1890 Lake Biwa Lock and Tunnel 4
1917 Okura Doboku Gumi Corporation
(first incorporated company in the Japanese construction industry)
1923 New Imperial Hotel 5
1927 The Tokyo Underground Railroad
(Japan's first subway) 6
1939 Special Japanese Pavilion at the Sun Francisco Exposition
1946 Changed name to Taisei Corporation
1953 Yuraku Real Estate Co., Ltd.
(currently Taisei ‒Yuraku Real Estate Co., Ltd.)
1955 The terminal building at Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)
1956 Seiwa Machinery Co., Ltd.
(currently Seiwa Renewal Works Co., Ltd.)
1957 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
(first company in the construction industry to be listed)
1958 National Stadium 7
1960 Technical research center (currently Technology Center)
1961 Taisei Road Construction Co., Ltd.
(currently Taisei Rotec Corporation)
1962 Hotel Indonesia
(the first Taisei's overseas construction since WWII)
1963 Taisei Prefab Construction Co., Ltd.
(currently Taisei U-LEC Co., Ltd.)
1964 The main building of Hotel New Otani
(first high-rise building in Japan)
1965 Taiko Setsubi Co., Ltd.
(currently Taisei Setsubi Co., Ltd.)
  Mt. Fuji Weather Station 8
1969 The Housing Division (Currently Taisei housing corporation)
1971 Taisei Service, Inc. (currently Taisei ‒Yuraku Real Estate Co., Ltd.)
1979 Shinjuku Center Building
(transferred headquarters to Shinjuku Center Building)
1987 Opened the Grand Seto Bridge, which links Honshu with Shikoku
1988 Seikan Tunnel 9
(Japan's longest underground tunnel)
  Chirata Hydroelectric Power Station
1991 Tokyo Metropolitan Government Main Building No. 1
1993 The Landmark Tower, Yokohama (tallest building in Japan at 296 m)
1997 New Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia
  Taisei Housing Corporation
1999 Subaru Telescope, Hawaii
  Expressway 2, Taiwan
2000 JR Central Towers
2001 Sapporo Dome 10
  Ilo Coal-Fired Power Plant, in Peru
2004 Chubu Central International Airport
  Kyushu National Museum
2006 UNIMAS (University Malaysia Sarawak) Development Project
  Bangkok Industrial Ring Road, Cable-stayed Bridges
2007 Chubetsu Dam
2008 The Palm Jumeirah Submarine Tunnel, Dubai
  Bali Bach Conservation Project, Package IV:
Shore Protection Work for Kuta Beach
  Coal Unloading jetty and Connecting Bridge, Taiwan
2009 Djibouti Kempinski Hotel 11
  Jimah Coal Fired Power Station, Malaysia
  Al Mas Tower, Dubai
2010 Improvement of Kararo-Wadh Section of National Highway N-25, Pakistan
2011 Sapporo Vietnam Limited Brewery Factory
2012 JP Tower 12
  Taisei-Yuraku Real Estate Co., Ltd.
2013 Celebrated 140th Anniversary since establishment
  New Doha International Airport, Qatar
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