吉田 昂平*1・山本 悠人*1・畑 明仁*2・村田 裕志*1・藍谷 保彦*3



*1 技術センター 社会基盤技術研究部 材工研究室
*2 技術センター 社会基盤技術研究部
*3 ブイ・エス・エル・ジャパン(株)

Approach to expansion of applications for SD490Head-bar

Kohei YOSHIDA*1, Yujin YAMAMOTO*1, Akihito HATA*2, Hiroshi MURATA*1 and Yasuhiko AITANI*3

In recent years, more complicated and dense arrangement of reinforcing bars has been required for RC structures due to the need of seismic performance improvement, which, in response, has created a greater demand for rebar arrangement reduction. Head-bar, the mechanical anchoring rebar system developed by us, is the technology that greatly improves constructability and productivity of construction projects and needs to be more widely diffused. This study reports the results of performance verification experiments, in which Head-bars using high- strength steel SD490 were applied to longitudinal bars and shear reinforcements, conducted to promote the expansion of the scope of application of Head-bar. To be specific, pull-out tests to check its longitudinal anchorage performance and cyclic loading tests to RC walls to verify its application to shear reinforcements at plastic hinges were conducted to determine the structural performance of Head-bars. The test results showed that SD490 Head-bars used as longitudinal bars and shear reinforcements have the structural performance equal to or greater than reinforcing bars in conventional arrangements.

Keywords: mechanical anchorage of high-strength rebar, pull-out test, cyclic loading test, plastic hinge, productivity improvement

*1 Structure and Material Research Section, Infrastructure Technology Research Department, Taisei Advanced Center of Technology
*2 Infrastructure Technology Research Department, Taisei Advanced Center of Technology