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*1 技術センター T-eConcrete実装プロジェクトチーム
*2 中国支店 営業部
*3 土木本部 土木技術部技術センター 都市基盤技術研究部 構造研究室

Application of T-eConcrete/Carbon-Recycle

Application of carbon recycling concrete as ready-mixed concrete and concrete products

Masataka OGINO*1, Shigeyoshi MIYAHARA*1, Eiji OWAKI*1, Syuichi OKAMOTO*1, Masayuki HATAYAMA*2, Yuushi KATO*3, Satoshi WATANABE*1 and Kazumasa IMAI*3

We developed T-eConcrete/Carbon-Recycle, which consists of ground granulated blast furnace slag and CO2-fixed calcium carbonates. The einviromental friendly concrete consequently results in net-negative CO2 emissions. Concrete, on the other hand, may be required to have various performances such as designability or durability depending on its usage situation.
We applied this concrete to six construction sites to verify whether it could satisfy the property requirements that differ from site to site and could be used in the same way as conventional concrete.
For all six applications, it was confirmed that T-eConcrete/Carbon-Recycle can be produced and constructed in the same way as conventional concrete and can satisfy various property requirements for different site conditions. The resulting CO2 emissions ranged from -7.8 to -116 kgCO2/m3, indicating that the requirements for environmental friendliness and performance are both satisfied.

Keywords: carbon-recycling, CCU, calcium carbonate, ready-mixed concrete, concrete product

*1 T-eConcrete Implementation Project Team, Taisei Advanced Center of Technology
*2 Sales Department, Chukoku branch
*3 Structure Research Section, Urban Engineering Research Department, Taisei Advanced Center of Technology