中村 良平*1・吉川 優*2



*1 技術センター 先進技術開発部 AI連携技術開発室
*2 技術センター 都市基盤技術研究部 空間研究室

Study on Prediction of Wind Velocity and Pressure Distribution around Buildings Using AI Technology

Ryohei NAKAMURA*1 and Masaru YOSHIKAWA*2

Generally, in the design of large-scale buildings such as high-rise buildings, wind tunnel experiments or numerical simulations are carried out for wind-resistant design against storm winds, and wind environment planning for strong winds. However, since wind tunnel experiments and numerical simulations require considerable time and cost for execution, the projects on which they can be executed are limited. Therefore, the existing AI technology for predicting the wind environment at pedestrian level was improved, and AI technology was developed to predict the wind pressure distribution on building surfaces in addition to the three-dimensional wind velocity distribution around buildings in urban areas. This paper presents an outline of this AI technology and the results of a study of the prediction accuracy.

Keywords: AI, 3D-CNN, CFD, wind velocity, wind pressure

*1 AI Utilization Technology Development Section, Advanced Technology Development Department, Taisei Advanced Center of Technology
*2 Valuable Space Research Section, Urban Engineering Research Department, Taisei Advanced Center of Technology