LPWAを用いた無線B計測システム「T-RIPPA® BK」の開発

古賀 快尚*1・谷 卓也*1・青木 智幸*2・宮本 真吾*3・宮永 隼太郎*4・堀留 知徳*5



*1 技術センター 生産技術開発部 地下空間技術開発室
*2 技術センター 社会基盤技術研究部
*3 土木本部 土木技術部
*4 技術センター 社会基盤技術研究部 地盤研究室
*5 東亞エルメス(株)

Development of Wireless B Measurement System "T-RIPPA" Using LPWA

Yoshitaka KOGA*1, Takuya TANI*1, Tomoyuki AOKI*2, Shingo MIYAMOTO*3, Shuntaro MIYANAGA*4 and Tomonori HORIDOME*5

In B measurement during mountain tunnel construction, measuring instruments such as steel falsework stress meters, shotcrete effective stress meters, rock bolt axial force meters, and underground displacement meters are installed on supports or buried on the ground, and measurements are carried out automatically using a multi-channel data logger. This measuring instrument installation work must be performed near the tunnel face where the falswork is not sufficiently provided, and in addition a large amount of wiring work and wiring protection work is required, so there are problems of safety and efficiency.
Therefore, a wireless B measurement system has been developed for the purpose of improving the safety and efficiency of B measuring instrument installation work. As a result of verifying the workability at a mountain tunnel site, it was confirmed that the measuring instrument installation work time was reduced by 70% compared with the conventional method, and the efficiency was improved by shortening the excavation stop time. In addition, with regard to concrete effective stress meters and steel falsework stress meters, for which the measuring instruments had to be installed in an environment where the support was only the primary shotcrete, the work near the tunnel face could be reduced and safety improved.

Keywords: mountain tunnel, measurement-B, wireless, LPWA

*1 Underground Utilization Technology Development Section, Production Engineering Technology Department, Taisei Advanced Center of Technology
*2 Infrastructure Technology Research Department, Taisei Advanced Center of Technology
*3 Construction Engineering Department, Civil Engineering Division
*4 Geotechnical Research Section, Infrastructure Technology Research Department, Taisei Advanced Center of Technology
*5 Toa Elmes Corporation