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*1 技術センター 社会基盤技術研究部 材工研究室
*2 技術センター 技術企画部 企画室

Forming the Outer Shell of a Demonstration Bridge Pier by 3D Printing and Performance Evaluation based on the Reversed Cyclic Loading Test

Aiming for Application to Structural Members

Koji KINOMURA*1, Wenbo ZHANG*1, Kohei KAWABATA*1 and Keisuke KAWAMURA*2

The authors have conducted a verification project on the design and construction of a prestressed concrete demonstration bridge by the 3D printing method. This study aimed to reduce the labor requirement by using 3D printing for construction of a pier that supports the demonstration bridge, and evaluate its structural performance in comparison with a conventional pier based on the reversed cyclic loading test. The results confirmed that the outer shell of the demonstration pier formed by 3D printing with short fiber reinforced mortar behaved integrally with the inner concrete and exhibited a shear reinforcement effect and a cover concrete confinement effect, leading to great ductility against horizontal forces. In addition, the results of a dismantling investigation after the loading test suggested that the uniaxial distribution of fibers contributed to this excellent performance.

Keywords: 3D printing, short fiber, outer shell, self-compacting concrete, reversed cyclic loading test, orientation

*1 Structure and Material Research Section, Infrastructure Technology Research Department, Taisei Advanced Center of Technology
*2 Planning Section, Technology Planning Department, Taisei Advanced Center of Technology