安田 聡*1・森田 仁彦*1・相馬 智明*1・野口 裕介*2・岡山 真之介*3・鈴木 あゆみ*3・土井 健史*4



*1 技術センター 都市基盤技術研究部 構造研究室
*2 設計本部 構造設計第三部
*3 設計本部 構造計画部
*4 設計本部 建築設計第三部

Development of Pseudo-curved Surface Structure Using LVL Unit

TAC.T Ring

Satoshi YASUDA*1, Kimihiko MORITA*1, Tomoaki SOMA*1, Yusuke NOGUCHI*2, Shinnosuke OKAYAMA*3, Ayumi SUZUKI*3 and Takefumi DOI*4

A pseudo-curved surface structure was developed by joining unitized short-length Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) plates at an angle, and applying it to the "TAC.T ring" at the entrance of the main building of the Taisei Advanced Center of Technology, as a structure with the function of a bench for people to sit on or a counter table. In this study, various structural tests were conducted to verify the structural safety and the basic performance such as the initial stiffness, bending strength, shear strength, and failure mode of the scarf joints and glued-in-rod (GIR) joints were clarified. Also, a loading test and finite element analysis of the bench mock-up was conducted which confirmed that there was no damage or failure under double the envisaged load. In addition, the dimensional changes of LVL in dry and wet conditions were tested, and a paint coat for the film formation was selected.

Keywords: laminated veneer lumber, glued-in-rod joint, scarf joint, unit structure, mockup, finite element method

*1 Structure Research Section, Urban Engineering Research Department, Taisei Advanced Center of Technology
*2 Structural Engineering Department III, Design Division
*3 Structure Planning Department, Design Division
*4 Architectural Design Department III, Design Division