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キーワード:  閉鎖型解体工法,高層建物,ホテル,テコレップ

*1 技術センター 建築技術開発部 建築生産技術開発室
*2 設計本部 構造設計第二部
*3 東京支店 建築工事作業所
*4 建築本部 技術部

A New Demolition System for a High-rise Hotel "TECOREP SYSTEM"

Hideki ICHIHARA*1, Makoto KAYASHIMA*2, Manabu OGURA*3, Takenobu KOGA*2 and Kiyoshi YAJIMA*4

A new environmental burden-reducing demolition system for high-rise buildings, named “TECOREP system” (Taisei ECOlogical REProduction system) has been developed. The development of this new system was based on the following concepts. 1) Ensuring safety and security. 2) Consideration for the global environment. 3) Reduction of cost and work period. In the TECOREP system, dismantling work is done within an enclosed space formed by utilizing the existing roof. Using temporary supports with up and down hoisting functions, the system works top-to-bottom, floor-by-floor as the demolition work proceeds downwards. Following its initial application, which was for demolishing a 105 m high-rise office building in Otemachi, Tokyo, the TECOREP system was employed for demolishing a 140 m high-rise hotel, also in Tokyo. In spite of the fact that this hotel was situated in a location with strict constraints with respect to the environment of the neighborhood, the demolition was completed successfully similarly as for the 105m high-rise office building.

Keywords:  enclosed demolition method, high-rise building, hotel, TECOREP

*1 Construction Technology Development Section, Building Technology Development Department, Technology Center
*2 Structural Engineering Department (II), Design Division
*3 Building Construction Site, Tokyo Branch
*4 Technology Promotion Department, Building Construction Division