大野 剛*1・藤原 靖*1


キーワード:  GIS,自然度,HSI,定量化

*1 技術センター 土木技術研究所 水域・生物環境研究室

Quantification with Emphasis on Degree of Human Disturbance due to Conservation of Vegetation, Soil, Water Head Conservatiom and Habitat for Accipiter gentilis by HSI-Model using GIS

Construction Work with Biodiversity Protection

Go OHNO*1 and Yasushi FUJIWARA*1

Construction that alters the topography influences the surrounding natural environment, so it is important to determine how the planned construction work will affect the natural environment. This study quantitatively analyzed the effect of construction work on the natural environment, emphasizing various phenomena, using GIS (Geographic Information System). A field trial was conducted at the Technology Center of Taisei Corporation and in certain areas of Kanagawa and Tokyo prefectures. The results were used to produce maps that simply and clearly identify environmentally rich areas, as well as wildlife corridors. The maps can be used to plan construction work that minimally affects the natural environment.

Keywords:  GIS, degree of human disturbance, HSI, quantification

*1 Hydraulic and Bio Engineering Research Section, Civil Engineering Research Institute, Technology Center