The Urban Tree House


岡田 直子*1・藤井 俊二*2・渡邊 朗子*3・深尾 仁*4・福山 牧男*5・清水 友理*6

(社)日本免震構造協会により創立15周年記念国際アイデアコンペ「免震・制振技術ならできる2050年のこんな建物,こんな街並み,こんな暮らし」が募集され,筆者らは「Urban Tree House」を提案した。Urban Tree Houseはスチール製の幹にコンテナを取り付けた免震構造物で,地上レベルを人・緑・水・風に解放し,人工樹上にカフェやオフィスなどの複合した街並みを形成する。油圧で構造物を浮上させる滑り免震支承をTree Houseの基礎部に設けることで,安全性の確保とフレキシビリティを両立する。本来,免震技術の目的は安全性の確保を主としているが,快適性,可動性,フレキシビリティ,サステナビリティなど多くの付加価値を生み,将来の豊かな街並み・建物の創造に応える技術としての可能性が示された。

キーワード:  セミアクティブ免震,スケルトン-インフィル,サステナビリティ,リサイクル,環境共生

*1 技術センター 建築技術研究所 建築構工法研究室
*2 技術センター
*3 (株)渡邊建築総合研究所,慶應義塾先端科学技術研究センター
*4 技術センター 建築技術研究所
*5 技術センター 技術企画部 企画室
*6 技術センター 建築技術開発部 ニューフロンティア技術開発室

The Urban Tree House

A Futuristic Building Using Semi-active Seismic Isolation System, and a City Block Composed of Such Buildings

Naoko OKADA*1, Shunji FUJII*2, Akiko WATANABE*3, Hitoshi FUKAO*4, Makio FUKUYAMA*5 and Yuri SHIMIZU*6

The Japan Society of Seismic Isolation held its 15th Anniversary International Idea Competition with the theme, “The buildings, cities, and lifestyle of 2050 made possible through seismic isolation or response control”. We have proposed the “Urban Tree House”, which is a tree-like building composed of steel trunks as a support structure and boxes as functional infills. The tree house adopts a semi-active isolation system with special sliding bearings, which can nearly float the structure by oil pressure during earthquakes. The seismic force can be reduced to 1/20 of an ordinary seismic isolation system. The boxes are recycled containers and can be replaced when the functional modification is needed. By attaching the boxes to the trunks at elevated position, the street level is open for people, trees, water, and wind, so the city block composed of the tree houses offers an urban oasis for the residents in the area. While safety is the primary purpose of a seismic isolation system, we have shown that it is also effective in the realization of the comfortable and ecological built environment.

Keywords:  semi-active seismic isolation system, skeleton-infill, sustainability, recycling, ecological

*1 Building System and Material Research Section, Building Engineering Research Institute, Technology Center
*2 Technology Center
*3 Watanabe Architecture and Design Institute, Keio Leading Edge Laboratory of Science and Technology
*4 Building Engineering Research Institute, Technology Center
*5 Planning Section, Technology Planning Department, Technology Center
*6 Advanced Technology Development Section, Building Technology Development Department, Technology Center