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キーワード:  UFC,ダクタル,超高強度繊維補強コンクリート,橋梁,プレキャスト,床版

*1 技術センター 土木技術開発部 土木技術開発プロジェクト室
*2 土木本部 土木設計部

Feature and Application of UFC (Ductal) Structure

From the Pedestrian Bridge of the Span 50m to the Airport Runway Slab of 192,000m2

Hiroyuki MUSHA*1, Norio WATANABE*2, Hidehiko INAHARA*2 and Kunihiro OHSHIMA*1

The ultra-high strength fiber reinforced concrete (UFC: Ductal), of which the compressive strength exceeds 200N/mm2 and the durability lasts 100 years or more, is an excellent material. Since UFC is reinforced by fibers and doesn't require any rebar, slim members and great weight reduction can be achieved. It was, however, necessary to develop the new design technique, the production technology and the construction methods for the achievement of a new concrete structure that does not use rebar. In "Sakata Mirai Bridge" constructed in 2002, that thickness of the material was suppressed to 5-11cm (1/5 of conventional thickness), a great weight reduction and the span of 50m has been achieved. In Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) expansion project, UFC has been applied to a large-scale road bridge, and a part of the runway slab whose area is 192,000m2. UFC (Ductal) is expected as a material that will play an important role in good quality infrastructure in the future.

Keywords:  UFC, Ductal, ultra-high strength fiber reinforced concrete, bridge, precast segment, slab

*1 Civil Eng. Tech. Development Project Section, Civil Eng. Tech. Development Dept., Technology Center
*2 Bridge Design Section, Design Dept., Civil Eng. Div