渡邉 悟士*1・黒岩 秀介*1・陣内 浩*1・山本 佳城*1・並木 哲*1・寺内 利恵子*2


キーワード:  超高強度コンクリート,熱養生,プレキャスト,実大部材

*1 技術センター 建築技術研究所 建築構工法研究室
*2 建築本部 技術部 建築技術部

Study on Practical Application of Ultra High Strength Concrete with a Design Strength of 200MPa

Satoshi WATANABE*1, Shusuke KUROIWA*1, Hiroshi JINNAI*1, Keiki YAMAMOTO*1, Satoru NAMIKI*1 and Rieko TERAUCHI*2

A laboratory test and an actual production test at our company plant were executed to enable a reasonable production of the precast concrete member with 200 MPa concrete. The results of the laboratory test showed that ultra high strength concrete with excellent workability and strength development can be produced using a moderate-heat portland cement, a mineral admixture for high strength concrete and an expansive additive as binder. Mock-up columns and a full-scale precast concrete member were produced and then steam-cured at 90 degrees centigrade for 120 hours at our company plant. The 14-day strength of concrete in structure was measured and found to exceed 200 MPa.

Keywords:  ultra high strength concrete, heat curing, precast, full-scale member

*1 Building System and Material Research Section, Building Engineering Research Institute, Technology Center
*2 Technology Promotion Department, Building Construction Division