黒岩 秀介*1・井上 善尊*2・藤岡 健介*2・並木 哲*1


キーワード:  高強度コンクリート,構造体コンクリート強度,耐久性,耐火性

*1 技術センター 建築技術研究所 建築構工法研究室
*2 国際支店 アルマスタワー建築工事作業所

Performance Confirmation Tests on C100 Concrete in Dubai, UAE

Shusuke KUROIWA *1, Yoshitaka INOUE *2, Kensuke FUJIOKA *2 and Satoru NAMIKI *1

Numerous reinforced concrete skyscrapers are being built in Dubai, UAE. Because the use of high-strength concrete is advantageous for skyscrapers from a number of points of view, concrete with a compressive strength of the order of 100N/mm2 was produced using locally available materials. The properties of both the fresh and the hardened concrete were investigated. Placing performance in a mock-up column and in-situ strength development were also examined to investigate its applicability to actual construction. As a result, it was confirmed that the properties of the fresh concrete were retained with little change over a suitable period and that the hardened concrete exhibited good mechanical and durability properties. Mock-up testing also revealed that the placeability of the concrete was sufficiently good. The compressive strength and elastic modulus of cores drilled from the mock-up were proven found to be satisfactory for concrete with a compressive strength of the order of 100N/mm2.

Keywords:  high-strength concrete, concrete strength in structure, durability, fire-resistance

*1 Building System and Material Research Section, Building Engineering Research Institute, Technology Center
*2 Building Construction Dapartment, International Operations Headquarters