加藤 優志*1・渡邉 悟士*2・山本 佳城*1・今井 和正*1・黒岩 秀介*2



*1 技術センター 都市基盤技術研究部 構造研究室
*2 技術センター T-eConcrete実装プロジェクトチーム

Evaluation of Basic Properties to Apply T-eConcrete/ "Zero-Cement Type" and "Carbon-Recycling" to Buildings

Yushi KATO*1, Satoshi WATANABE*2, Keiki YAMAMOTO*1, Kazumasa IMAI*1 and Shusuke KUROIWA*2

Concrete with its cement replaced by industrial by-product admixture is being developed to reduce CO2 emissions. In this study, various data including basic mechanical properties and durability were obtained to apply T-eConcrete/“zero-cement type” and “Carbon-Recycling” to buildings, and they were compared with those of conventional cement-based concrete.It is shown that Young’s modulus and splitting tensile strength are able to be evaluated by formulas based on compressive strength in the same way as conventional concrete.Measurement of carbonation resistance and drying shrinkage showed that the concrete is durable enough to be applied to buildings.

Keywords: ground granulated blast-furnace slag, calcium carbonate, mechanical properties, durability, CO2 emissions

*1 Structure Research Section, Urban Engineering Research Department, Taisei Advanced Center of Technology
*2 T-eConcrete Implementation Project Team, Taisei Advanced Center of Technology